Episode 17 – “Hex”

Serinda Swan as Zatanna in "Hex"

Serinda Swan as Zatanna in "Hex"

It’s Chloe’s birthday and her one birthday wish is to be more like Lois which a “magician”,  Zatanna grants.  The next morning Chloe wakes up as Lois.  This is not a “Freaky Friday” situation where Chloe and Lois switch places, but Chloe manifests into Lois while the real Lois is on assignment.  Like any curious cat, Chloe goes to the Daily Planet (as Lois) to see what her life would be like if she were the hot shot reporter.  After she gets to the planet she gets a first hand look at what it is like to work at the Planet and with Clark, which is “enlightening”.  In other words, she finds out the Clark is totally pining for Lois whether he wants to admit it or not.  Chloe then tells Clark that she is indeed Chloe and she needs to find a way to change back.  Both Clark and Chloe find Zatanna and unknowingly Zatanna grants Clark’s wish of “being normal”.  Zatanna then tells both Chloe and Clark, that in order to have everything back to normal…they just have to not want their “wish”.  While this is happening…Oliver tries to find a book that Zatanna needs that use to belong to her father, and in exchange…Oliver would get a wish.  Oliver finds the book by way of Green Arrow and Zatanna then finds him and he reveals himself as Oliver as Zatanna knows it is him.  Oliver is about to burn the book but Zatanna stops him and wants to use the book to bring back her father but at the cost of a life.  Chloe then saves the day and convinces Clark he is needed and he needs to stop Zatanna, and Chloe changes back and Clark stops Zatanna.

Afterwards…the real Lois comes back and talks to Clark as Chloe revealed to her that Clark has kept a framed list from Lois…listing her “Rules to Good Reporting”.  They also touch upon their pseudo budding relationship and say that they should keep it business only.

All in all…a cute Clois (Clark + Lois) episode, but definitely not as great as the “almost” kiss in Bride or the torture episode where Lois admits she loves Clark.  awww…hopefully they turn up the Clois episodes.


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