Ameri”caw” Idol Results Recap

It’s no April Fool’s joke…Megan Joy really did “caw” her way to the bottom three and right out of the competition.  The elimination was not a shock…but I think the antics of the remaining contestants were a bit off.  Maybe a little bit of Apri Fool’s rubbed off on the contestants, but I thought it was weird that they impersonated each other on live TV with no shame or embarrassment.  I wonder if it was planned? I know it was in jest…but I feel that it was not done in a tasteful way.  Back to the results drama, I’m actually glad that Anoop was in the bottom three…because I think he needed a dose of reality considering how smug he acted the previous night and for his disagreement with the judges that made him come off as a child who didn’t get his dessert.  I am a little surprised that Alison was in the bottom 3 again, because she does not deserve it.  Hopefully she can come back strong!


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