Don’t “Chuck” it!

Watch Chuck on NBC

Sophomore slump no more!  For those who have not tuned into “Chuck” on NBC, I suggest you start now.  “Chuck” combines comedy with some spy action, and the two leads are defiinitely complimented with a great supporting cast.  This is the second season of “Chuck”, and it started off really well…but kind of has lagged since the Super Bowl 3-D episode.  The creators and have said that something will happen that would change the game for “Chuck”, and last night’s episode totally delivered (Chuck vs. The Dream Job).  Some reports on have said that “Chuck” is on the bubble for a third season renewal…so I really hope that NBC pulls through!  The 3-D episode was a good attempt of attracting more viewers to “Chuck”, but unfortunately…it did not deliver.  The first season is out on DVD, and despite a shortened season due to the writers’ strike…I think it was still a great 1st season.  Go catch reruns of Chuck on or   Save “Chuck”!


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