“Almost” 80’s night

The Top 8 performed last night on American Idol and in general…I thought it was not a stellar night.  Top 3 of the night were Adam, Allison, and Danny.  The theme was songs from the year they were born.  Allison was the only 90’s baby…1992 to be exact…ugh…that’s so weird to say…can you imagine…”I was born in 1992″.  If American Idol continues on…it would be too weird to have contestants born in the 21st century.  Yikes!

I am a bit worried for Lil…at this stage of the game…I think she has yet to deliver.  I agree with the judges when they said that “she has lost herself”, and that we really do not know who Lil is anymore.  I hate to say it, but…I think Lil is becoming a wallflower and she needs to step it up.  Ultimately…when it comes to the judges save…I think they have made up their minds on who they would save and I believe Lil would be one of their choices, but if it came down to it…I think they would save Allison if she were on the chopping block because she really is mad talented and deserves to stay in this competition for a “‘lil” longer.


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