Burn After Reading

Ok…so I just saw this movie this weekend and I have to say…I thought it was horrible.  “Burn After Reading” is such an apropros title because that is exactly how I felt after watching it.  I wanted to burn the DVD after watching it.  The movie started out promising and funny and in one instant  it went down hill.  An easy description for this movie is a quote from George Clooney in the Special Features of the DVD:  “It’s about stupid people doing stupid things.”  Considering this is such a star-studded cast, I just expected more and I found myself irritated with the characters more than anything.  Brad Pitt was actually the saving grace of the film.  He was hilarious and his character was fun to watch.  If I had to give it a rating…I would give it 1 and a half stars.  In closing…I would have to say…this is one of those love or hate it films.  As far as Coen Brothers’ movies…I definitely have seen better.


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