Chuck vs. The Colonel

This episode was fantastic (or I should say Awesome)!  If you haven’t seen this episode, you need to see it.

As great as this episode was, I kind of feel like this was a definitive episode…meaning the writers seem to have wrote this episode with closure but yet with a good lead in to the season finale.  I have a feeling the season finale is going to be a cliff hanger as the fate of Chuck is still undecided.   I was checking TV by the numbers for this episode and the ratings haven’t changed since last week, which does not exactly strengthen Chuck’s chance of renewal.  It would be a real shame if the season finale were a cliff hanger and then the network decided to cancel the show, which would be really sad because I believe “Chuck” deserves a proper send-off.


Here is the run down of this episode:

  • Chuck and Sarah have gone AWOL in order to save Chuck’s Dad.
  • Major Casey is now Colonel Casey.
  • Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase are back!
  • Mogan becomes Emmett’s Asst. Manager at the Buy More
  • Chuck and Sarah make-out.
  • Casey finds Chuck and Sarah and locks them in the Castle.
  • TRON screening at 12 a.m.
  • Devon thinks Casey is stalking Chuck.
  • Chuck and Sarah break out of the Castle due to a power outage which was caused by Jeff and Lester.
  • Devon snoops in Casey’s apartment and somehow gets caged into Casey’s apartment.
  • Casey confronts Devon and they start to rumble and then Chuck and Sarah enter and Sarah puts Casey down.
  • Chuck tells Devon he’s a spy and he has to be “Awesome” and not tell Ellie.
  • Chuck and Sarah set out to find Chuck’s Dad at the Tron screening.
  • Casey catches up with them and joins them in finding Chuck’s Dad.
  • The General orders an air strike at the Tron Screening in 20 mins.
  • The “New” Intersect is finished and they are testing it on Fulcrum spies headed by Ted Roarke (Chevy Case).
  • Chuck’s Dad says to Chuck that he built the “new” intersect in order to remove the intersect intel from his head and it won’t work on anyone else.
  • It works on Chuck and Ted realizes that he has been scammed.
  • The air strike is underway!
  • Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Chuck’s Dad amscray and Ted Roarke goes underground.
  • Morgan quits the Buy More and asks Anna to move to Hawaii with him so that he can become a chef at Benihanas.
  • Ellie questions Captain Awesome on the whereabouts of Chuck and is flustered.
  • Chuck shows up and tells Ellie that he brought an early wedding gift: their Dad.
  • Ellie is happy and their Dad says that he isn’t going anywhere.
  • Chuck and Awesome have a bro moment.
  • The general deems the Intersect mission is complete and Chuck is free!
  • Everyone is heading to Ellie and Devon’s rehearsal dinner and Chuck invites Casey as a friend and Sarah is Chuck’s date.
  • Ted Roarke is alive and hitchhikes in order to find Steve Bartowski and family.

Next Monday is the season finale…can’t wait!  April 27th is Chuck vs. The Ring!  Save Chuck!


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