Chuck vs. The Ring

Chuck vs. The Ring - Image courtesy of

Chuck vs. The Ring - Image courtesy of

Ellie and Awesome are getting married!  Project Bartowski is over (or is it?).  Sarah and Bryce are back together?  Has Chuck jumped the Shark?

What a season finale! In some ways, I feel like the writers were trying to close as many loose ends as possible in the event that the show gets cancelled, but yet try to raise enough intrigue that would garner a season 3 pickup.  All in all, I thought this was a good episode and I truly hope that Chuck gets a Season 3 pickup.  Scott Bakula (Steve Bartowski), Morgan Fairchild (Awesome’s Mom), Chevy Chase (Ted Roark), and Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin) are back to reprise their roles.


The Rundown:

  • Chuck quits the Buy More! (Casey quits too)
  • Project Bartowski is over and the General asks if Chuck wants to be an analyst for the new Intersect.  Chuck declines and says the spy life is not for him.
  • Casey hands a check courtesy of the government to Chuck.  (It’s ALOT of $$$$)  Then Casey gives Chuck his number FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY!
  • The General appoints Sarah to be in charge of the new Intersect project, and that she will be working with Bryce and she has to leave after Ellie and Awesome’s wedding!
  • Cue the wedding…Chuck and Ellie have a bro & sis moment and he tells Ellie that he quit the Buy More which is part of her wedding gift.
  • Chuck then pulls Sarah aside and asks her to go on vacation with him, she says she can’t because she is leaving in the morning for a new mission with Bryce.
  • Chuck is sad. 😦
  • While Chuck wallows with champagne…Ted Roark approaches Chuck and says he wants the Intersect cube in a half an hour or Ellie is dead!
  • Chuck runs into Morgan and he makes some excuse that he forgot the rings and Morgan rises to the occasion and says he will stall the wedding.
  • Chuck calls Casey for help and runs to the Castle to find the cube, but runs into Bryce and he says the cube was moved. (Oh no!)
  • Chuck explains the situation and Bryce tells Chuck to hand him over to Roark because he can’t let Fulcrum have the cube because he promised Orion aka Chuck’s Dad!
  • Chuck realizes that Bryce always knew his Dad’s involvement with the Intersect and Bryce has always tried to lookout for Chuck even in Stanford.
  • Enter Jeffster!  Jeff and Lester perform Mr. Roboto in the church and everyone is shocked and Awesome pulls Morgan aside and asks why he is ruining the wedding and he tells Awesome that Chuck told him to and Awesome understands and goes with it.
  • Roark is about to cut into the cake (oh no!) when Chuck stops him and Bryce enters.
  • While everyone is talking Sarah is trying to find weapons from the gift table and finds a box of knives.
  • Bryce sees her and signals her to take out Roark and his team.
  • It’s a gun and knife showdown then Sarah runs out of knives and Bryce runs out of ammo and the bad guy says to Chuck that Fulcrum wants him dead.
  • Casey to the rescue!  Casey and his team drop in from the skylight and it becomes a big gun fight, but they are able to subdue Roark.
  • Jeffster finish Mr. Roboto and light flares of some sort which sets off the sprinklers.
  • The Wedding is Cancelled! (Oh NO!)
  • Chuck feels horrible and uses his new found cash and enlists Casey and Sarah to make a grand wedding asap!
  • The Wedding – Take 2: Ellie and Awesome have a beautiful beach wedding.
  • Bryce watches from afar and asks Sarah if she was coming with him over their com links and she nods “no” (yay!) which Bryce sees with his binoculars.
  • Cut to the castle where Casey and his team are playing cards and then one of Casey’s men kills Roark who was under lockdown, then he kills everyone except for Casey.
  • Back to Chuck’s courtyard where the reception is underway and is fabulous!
  • Ellie thanks Chuck for saving the day.
  • Chuck and Morgan talk and he tells Morgan he’ll be a great hibachi chef and that he can’t believe he’s leaving.
  • Sarah and Chuck dance.
  • Bryce shows up and talks to Chuck’s dad and then an agent comes to pick up Bryce as the Intersect will be uploaded into Bryce.
  • Chuck’s Dad flashed!  (Chuck’s Dad tested the Intersect on himself in the early stages)
  • Bryce is heading into a trap…Sarah goes to help and Chuck follows her, but Chuck’s Dad says not to go…but he tells his Dad that he has to, because he loves Sarah!  (awww…)  then Chuck’s Dad gives him his wrist computer.
  • Bryce and his bad guy escorts are at the Intersect quarters when the baddie turns the gun on Bryce but manages to get away and locks himself into the Intersect room.
  • Sarah, Casey, and Chuck enter and Chuck uses his wrist computer to find the Intersect while Sarah and Casey handle the other baddies.
  • Chuck uses the air vent to get into the Intersect room and finds Bryce.
  • Bryce is shot!
  • Bryce hands Chuck a disk to destroy the Intersect.
  • Bryce dies!
  • Chuck has a moment and thinks about the events that has brought him to this moment.  He downloads the “new” Intersect to himself, then destroys it with the disk that Bryce gave him.
  • The door opens and the baddie that killed Roark enters and some other guys escort Casey and Sarah in.
  • They reveal they are not Fulcrum but “spies” that cannot be stopped.
  • Chuck flashes!
  • Sarah asks Chuck if he flashed, and the baddies surround Chuck.
  • Chuck goes all kung fu on them.
  • Sarah and Casey are astonished!
  • Chuck steals a line from the Matrix: “Guys…I know Kung Fu.”
  • To Be Continued…

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