Call me “Stiletto”

Erica Durance as Stiletto

Erica Durance as Stiletto

Lois is in a story rut, and when an opportunity presents itself…she seizes it and she sticks to the facts.  Is this story too good to be true, or is it just that?  Lois is itching to get a new story so that she can boost her reputation and try to land an exclusive with the Red Blue Blur (aka Clark Kent).  She and Clark are listening to the police scanner as she tells Clark that when a crime is being committed, the Red Blue Blur is not that far behind.

Episode 19 of Season 8 is entitled: “Stiletto”.  This episode is very reminiscent of past Superman story arcs.  Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman had Teri Hatcher become “Ultrawoman” after a red kryptonite beam hits Clark which transfers his powers to Lois.  In the episode entitled “Wrath” in Season 7 of Smallville,  Lana absorbs Clark’s powers from a lightening bolt.  The thing that differs in “Stiletto” is that Lois (Erica Durance) saves her cousin Chloe (Allison Mack) from a mugger using her combat skills.  When Lois manages to subdue one of the baddies in the mugging, the crook asks if she was a superhero, and she says “Call me Stiletto”.

After Lois’s heroics, she decides to write a story on Stiletto with quotes from Stiletto (aka Lois) which Clark finds to be unusual.  Nevertheless…Lois’s story was denied and she has to find more “facts” in order to get her story published.  Meanwhile…Chloe drops by and tells Clark that the other mugger that got away took her work laptop, which has classified info about Oliver’s operations.  She enlists Clark to help her get the laptop back, and that according to Lois…this “Stiletto” is the only person who knows what the perp looks like.  Clark then sets out to look for Stiletto.

In the effort of getting more credibility for her “Stiletto” story…Lois does some sewing work and makes herself a leather ensemble and calls Jimmy in order to take pictures of “Stiletto” in action.  After the photo shoot, Clark finds Stiletto who has her back to him and she thinks it is the Red Blue Blur and turns and sees that it is Clark.  Clark recognizes Lois and gives her a lecture that what she is doing is dangerous and asks her why she has to resort to making stories up because he tells her that she is a great reporter.

Here is the rundown of the rest of the episode:

  • Jimmy’s boss (he arranged the Chloe mugging) finds pictures of “Stiletto” and beats up Jimmy in order to find her whereabouts.
  • The goons of the Ace of Clubs hack into Chloe’s laptop and they can’t make sense of the info on the laptop and they decide to go after Chloe.
  • Davis as Doomsday kills the goons when they track Chloe back to her place.
  • Lois enters and tells Chloe that she is Stiletto.
  • Lois heads to the Ace of Clubs in order to find Jimmy so that she can get her photos back.
  • Clark heads to the Ace of Clubs and discovers there is a money counterfeiting operation going on and they are making money with kryptonite ink.
  • Clark is weakened and they start to beat on Clark.
  • Lois as Stiletto to the rescue!  (She makes a jump from a skylight…go Lois!)
  • One of the baddies shoot at Lois.
  • Clark jumps and takes the bullet for Lois.
  • Jimmy, Lois, and Clark get out of there.
  • Lois lands the front page of the Daily Planet for her money counterfeiting story and brings Clark all these coffee and tea drinks and breakfast pastries in appreciation for Clark saving her life.
  • Clark tries to pretend he is still wounded and grabs something to eat while Lois gives him a thank you speech.
  • Later Lois receives a card from the Red Blue Blur with an address.
  • The address leads Lois to a pay phone and the phone starts to ring.
  • Lois picks up the phone and it is the Red Blue Blur (it is Clark using a voice changer).
  • Lois talks to him and says if he ever needs someone to talk to…even off the record…that she would be up to the task.  (aww…)

I always thought that Erica Durance has been an awesome Lois but in this episode, I think she takes the top spot for best Lois Lane.  This episode as a whole, had really great Clois (Clark + Lois) moments.  Definitely in the Top 3 for this season.  My Clois rating for this episode is: 9.  Watch the full episode of Stiletto at


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