The Future of Chuck

Zachary Levi as Chuck - Image courtesy of

Zachary Levi as Chuck - Image courtesy of

Season 2 of Chuck has come to a close, and the fate of the show is still on the bubble.  Today NBC announced their Fall 2009-2010 preview schedule, and Chuck is notably missing from the lineup, but the lineup is still not set in stone.  There is still hope Chuck fans!  NBC will reveal the full fall schedule on May 19, 2009.   While the powers that be at NBC are still deciding over the fate of Chuck.  I thought it would be fun to speculate what Season 3 would be like.  What can the New Intersect do?  Will Chuck go back to the Buy More?  Will Chuck and Sarah get together?  Will Morgan come back?

What can the New Intersect do?

I think the new Intersect abilities will allow Chuck to use his mind to download information from the Internet.  A little bit of the Matrix technology without having to take the red pill.  Another theory that I have is that perhaps the new Intersect will allow Chuck to absorb and process information and actions instantaneously.  For example, if Chuck watches a cooking show, immediately after he should be able to cook the same dish he just saw being prepared.

Will Chuck go back to the Buy More?

As much as I would like to see Chuck and his nerd herd comrades back together again, I feel like that chapter of his life is closed and it’s time for new beginnings.  When Chuck told Ellie at her wedding that he quit the Buy More, it seem so final and affirmed that I think it would be cruel to make Chuck go back to the Buy More.  Whatever Chuck does next, he needs to have some sort of a cover job…so you never know…maybe he might head to the FroYo. 😛

Will Chuck and Sarah get together?

I think in some way they will, but without them actually “getting” together.  I’m sure the writers will send Chuck and Sarah on missions that will both blur and start to clarify their relationship more.  Considering that the show might be going into a third season, I think their relationship needs to unfold more and turn those unspoken moments and longing stares into action.  “Actions speak louder than words.” 🙂

Will Morgan come back?

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Morgan.  “Chuck” wouldn’t be the same without Morgan.  I can’t imagine that Awesome (aka Devon) would take over as Chuck’s confidant just because Awesome knows what Chuck really does for a living.  Besides…Morgan can pursue his dream of being a Hibachi chef in California.

My Final Thoughts…

If Season 3 is green lit, I think it would be a whole new chapter in Chuck’s life.  Uncharted territory so  to speak and the Season 2 “twist” certainly brings along a lot of possibilities.  So I’ve shared my opinions…any thoughts on what Season 3 can bring?

Also don’t forget to check NBC’s Upcoming Shows on May 19th for the full fall schedule. Save Chuck!

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