Chuck is Back!

Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi of Chuck - Image courtesy of

Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi of Chuck - Image courtesy of

Chuck Fans unite!  Chuck has been green-lit for Season 3!  NBC will be announcing their formal Fall Schedule tomorrow, May 19, 2009, but reports that “Chuck” will be back next season with 13 episodes and a smaller budget.   According to Variety, the reason for the delay for Chuck’s renewal was solely based on cost-cutting issues.  On the one hand, I am glad that “Chuck” will be back but on the other hand…I am sad to hear that it will be back for a shortened season.  It kind of leads you to question if this will be Chuck’s last swan song, or will other shows follow the same lead in terms of cost cutting tactics.  Read the full Variety article here.  There is still hope though, according to TV by the numbers, NBC still has the option to pick up the back 9 episodes. 

All in all, I am glad that NBC recognizes that “Chuck” has a great fanbase and that the way they left things in Season 2 is not the way that Chuck fans want to see things end (or at least that’s how this Chuck fan feels :-)). For now…it is time to rejoice as “Chuck” lives on for another season! Hooray! Check NBC’s upcoming shows website for the official word tomorrow, as the final schedule will be posted then.


NBC announces the official press release for Chuck’s renewal. Read it here. As part of an innovative marketing campaign, “Chuck” is back with Subway as their major sponsor. “Chuck” is set to come back after the Winter Olympics assuming the “Heroes” time slot. Here is the full Fall line-up for NBC.


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