Star Trek – 2009

Star Trek 2009 crew

Star Trek 2009 crew

J.J. Abrams hits the big screen again with his second directorial piece with Star Trek, which opened on May 7, 2009.  In its opening weekend, Star Trek earned 76.5 million dollars making it the biggest opening weekend for the Star Trek franchise ever!  To see how the other Star Trek movies stacked up, check out the box office numbers. I really didn’t set any expectations, but I went in with the fact that it was J.J. and that it had to be good.  Star Trek did not disappoint…it was really fantastic!  Those who have followed J.J.’s previous work will notice little subtleties that appear in this movie.  Subtleties that include J.J.’s signature past cast member cameo (in this movie it was Amanda Foreman from Felicity and Alias), a big red ball (Alias), and mysterious monsters (Lost).  What was also very exciting was that the writers of Star Trek are the same writers that worked with J.J. Abrams before on Alias and currently write on Fringe.

J.J. and his writers present an interesting take on the Gene Rodenberry series.  The movie is a prequel (so to speak) with a twist. The cast is young and the story is refreshing which definitely re-energizes the franchise.  Chris Pine (Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement) stars as James T. Kirk and chronicles his time before he joins the Starfleet academy and journey leading him up to boarding the U.S.S. Enterprise. Zachary Quinto (Heroes) stars as Spock, who has to decide whether to continue in the Vulcan ways which rejects all emotions, or embrace his human side as Spock is half Vulcan and half human. I actually found Spock’s back story very interesting. You really see the internal struggle that Spock experiences on whether to follow the Vulcan ways or not throughout the progression of the movie. Both Spock and Kirk butt heads, but it is up to them to put their differences aside in order to save the world from an angry Romulan captain played by Eric Bana.

The action sequences are fun without giving you a headache. The ensemble cast worked really well together and the story was well paced from beginning to end. There is even a cameo by a past U.S.S. Enterprise crew member which is relevant to the plot. All in all…I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. All summer movies should be this fun to watch! Check out the Star Trek Website for more information on the movie and fun stuff.

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