The Dark Horse Prevails!

The next American Idol is…Kris Allen! The Dark Horse wins American Idol Season 8! The finale was full of performances and Golden Idol segments and after 2 hours of endorsements, the 10 seconds reserved for the results were finally revealed.  Congratulations to Kris Allen!

As far as the rest of the night, there were some great duets that I enjoyed.  Allison and Cyndi Lauper’s duet of “Time After Time”, Kris and Keith Urban performing “Kiss a the Girl”, and Adam and the band Kiss performed song medleys which were the highlight performances of the evening.  The Top 13 contestants returned to the stage and had a couple of group performances, including a performance of “I’m Yours” with Jason Mraz himself.

Kris closes the show with “No Boundaries” and performs it 1o times better than the night before.  I admit it…I have watched every season of “American Idol” and this is my observation when it comes to the coronation song.  I feel like when someone wins “American Idol”, no matter how cheesy the lyrics are for the coronation song…the winner really seems to “believe” in what they are singing and it propels them to sing better.   It is those moments that make TV magic!


And so the confetti falls…

Season Finale Performance: Kris Allen’s “No Boundaries”
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