Legend of the Seeker – “Reckoning”

Kahlan Amnell and Richard Cypher played by Bridget Regan and Craig Horner

Kahlan Amnell and Richard Cypher played by Bridget Regan and Craig Horner

“Reckoning” is the episode title for the Season Finale of “Legend of the Seeker”.  Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd having just recovered the Book of Counted Shadows have discovered how to defeat their enemy Darken Rahl (played by Craig Parker), but in order to do so they need to take a gamble and trust what the book says is true.  What happens when fate knocks on your door?  Is it possible to change your fate, or do some things never change?


In the episode preceding “Reckoning”, entitled “Fever”, Richard has deciphered from the Book of Counted Shadows that he must use the Boxes of Orden in order to defeat Darken Rahl, but it is the power of “love” that will prevent him from being overtaken by its magic.  The ultimate power of “love” would be from the touch of a confessor so Richard tells Kahlan (who is a confessor) that he needs her to confess him.  A confessor’s touch makes any person fall in love with the person who confesses them and in turn making them into their slave.  The episode opens with Kahlan and Zedd talking about the repercussions if what the Book of Counted Shadows says is wrong because Kahlan wouldn’t want to risk Richard’s soul (because she loves him) if by the off chance that Richard misinterpreted the book.  Zedd tells Kahlan that she must trust Richard and his Seeker instincts and this is what has to happen.  The plan is simple.  Assemble the Boxes of Orden, have Kahlan confess Richard, Richard defeats Darken Rahl.  If only plans were to go the way that you want them to.  Here is how the episode plays out:

  • Richard assembles the Boxes of Orden and Kahlan and begins to confess him when a bunch of Mord Sith ambush them and a Mord Sith by the name of Cara places her Agiel on Richard.
  • Zedd tries to stop them and gets burnt to a crisp in the process.  (oh no!)
  • There is a big explosion and Kahlan is thrown back and Richard has vanished into thin air.  The other Mord Siths capture Kahlan and bring her to Lord Rahl.
  • Lord Rahl tells Kahlan the Seeker is dead and so is Zedd.  (Kahlan is sad :-()
  • Richard wakes up and an angry mob attacks him and they take the Boxes of Orden from him.
  • Richard follows them and gets the boxes back and asks the guy who he works for and he answers: “The Master Rahl”.
  • Some locals approach Richard and one man asks him how is it possible that Richard hasn’t aged.
  • Richard is confused as the man elaborates that he saw Richard when he was younger in Brennidon which was about 60 years ago.
  • Richard discovers he is in the future, Kahlan is dead (Richard is sad :-(),  and that the “new” Master Rahl is a confessor who has been confessing anyone that he comes across.  (whoa!)
  • Back to the present.  Kahlan is in the dungeon with Shota (a sorceress) who was captured by the Mord Siths and the both of them are wearing a radahan (a device that prevents them from using their magic).
  • Shota tells Kahlan that Richard is not dead but he is in the future but there is a precise time in the future that would allow him to get back to the present but he has to recreate the situation that caused him to leap into the future.  Kahlan asks when will that be, and Shota says: “In 58 years”.  Kahlan is determined to send a message to Richard who is in the future.
  • Kahlan asks to see Lord Rahl and he says to her that he will agree to all of Kahlan’s requests if she becomes his Queen (in every way).  Kahlan agrees…(aaaahhhh!!!)
  • Back to the future…Richard discovers that Cara had made the jump to the future too and they get into a fight and Richard explains to her that they are in the future and they set off as Cara wants to see if there is any merit to what Richard is saying.
  • Back to the present but near future we find that Kahlan is pregnant with Rahl’s child.  (no…that’s not a typo)
  • We find that Kahlan only agreed to marry Rahl in the hopes that her child will be able to help Richard in the future so that he can come back to the present.
  • Kahlan has a boy and she is shocked but Rahl is thrilled.  (male confessors are considered abominations, watch episode #10: Sacrifice for clarification)
  • Back to the future…Cara and Richard head to Cara’s home and find that all of the Mord Siths have been killed by Master Rahl (Darken Rahl and Kahlan’s son) and Richard convinces Cara that they need to team up in order to kill this Master Rahl.
  • Richard and Cara roam around and they find an elderly Shota.  Shota explains to Richard and Cara that they need to recreate the scene in the exact place they were when they jumped into the future.
  • Item check…they got the Agiel, Richard has the Boxes of Orden, but they lack a confessor.  Oh wait!  Master Rahl is a confessor (how convenient).
  • Richard comes up with a plan and tells Shota is seek out Master Rahl.  Of course if she is found she will be confessed…which is what Richard says to Shota she needs to let happen.
  • Shota finds Master Rahl and he confesses her which puts the plan into place. She tells him the truth and that the Seeker wants him to confess him as it is part of the Seeker’s plan on how to erase this horrible future (Master Rahl included) and return to the past/present.  Then Shota goes on and says if Master Rahl plays his cards right…he might be able to control the man who controls the Boxes of Orden.
  • (The plot thickens…)

  • Back to the present/future, we see the young Master Rahl named Nicholas.  Kahlan tries to teach Nicholas to grow up to be a good man (in the hope that he will help Richard in the future) but Nicholas does some deeds that proves that he has become corrupt.
  • Kahlan has to do the unthinkable.  She needs to kill Nicholas before he becomes a crazed mad man.  Before she does so she tells her handmaiden she needs to stay alive as it is up to her to help the Seeker in the future so he knows how to get back to his time.  She also tells her handmaiden that if she fails (in killing her son) that she wants her to tell Richard that she never stopped loving him and that she will wait for him in the underworld.
  • Kahlan reaches her son and is about to kill him but is caught.
  • Lord Rahl is furious and brings in Kahlan’s handmaiden and kills her and says that he has decided to give Kahlan a merciful death, but then Nicholas speaks up (and for a moment you think he wants to save her) and says that he wants to kill Kahlan himself.  (the look on Kahlan’s face is horrifying!)
  • The scene cuts to Lord Rahl and Nicholas standing over Kahlan’s tomb and Lord Rahl says that it is only the two of them and Nicholas turns to him and says “it is only me”.  Then one of the guards kills Darken Rahl (who has been confessed by Nicholas).
  • In the future…Richard is in the exact spot where this whole mess started when Master Rahl arrives.
  • Richard assembles the Boxes of Orden and Master Rahl orders his team to find the Mord Sith.  Master Rahl then proceeds to confess Richard when Cara comes rushing out and Rahl’s men start to fire arrows at her.
  • She is hit with a few arrows but she gets up and  stumbles toward Richard and places her Agiel on him.
  • ::BOOM!::  We are back to the past or rather the present at the exact moment where this whole chain of events started.
  • Richard and Kahlan are still in their ring of magic but Kahlan gets thrown back while Zedd throws Wizard’s fire at one of the Mord Sith but Cara stops the other Mord Sith from firing back at the Wizard.
  • Darken Rahl arrives and attempts to separate the boxes but gets engulfed by flames.
  • Darken Rahl is dead!
  • The other Mord Siths start to rumble as they say that Cara has betrayed them (if they saw the things that she saw in the future…they would realize that she was doing them a favor).  Cara then says that Darken Rahl is dead and that they should follow her.
  • Cara approaches Richard and says that they shall meet again someday.
  • Richard hugs Kahlan and gives her a kiss and tells her that he missed her but obviously she doesn’t realize that any time was lost.
  • Richard tells Kahlan everything and she was shocked to hear that she did the things she did, but Richard tells her that everything she ever did was to protect the Seeker and that her love for him stood the test of time (and obviously everything is ok now since he prevented that future from ever occurring).
  • Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd gather and revel in the fact that the prophecy has been fulfilled and that Darken Rahl is dead.  However they still don’t know if there is evil awaiting them in the future.
  • Kahlan then says to Richard that he has done everything they have ever asked him to do and that no one would blame him for going home.
  • Richard looks at them and says: “I am home”.

What a finale!  I’m glad that they closed the season with a promise of a new saga as opposed to a cliff hanger.  That part remains true to the book, “Wizard’s First Rule”, which is what the first season is based upon.  At end of the book, Darken Rahl dies (by different means) and they hint at the next villain in the series, the Keeper.  In episode 20, “Sanctuary”, Richard and Kahlan come across a section in the library with books pertaining to the “Keeper”, which could be the hint of what to expect for Season 2 especially if they are trying to stay close to the premises of the “Sword of Truth” book series by Terry Goodkind.  Season 2 has already been green-lit, so I couldn’t be more excited!  Both Variety.com and TVWeek.com talk about Legend of the Seeker’s renewal. Looking at the first Season as a whole, I have really enjoyed the character development throughout the course of the season which is what drove the story and what made me tune in week to week. The show definitely took some creative liberties with the story, but made it work for the small screen.  For me, when it comes to adaptations I try to remain objective and I try to treat the book and the show as separate entities.  Of course since it is an adaptation, I definitely want to see key elements of the book show up in the show which is something I feel the show is able to do in order to satisfy both fans of the books and TV show.   All in all, I thought Season 1 of “Legend of the Seeker” was fun and enjoyable.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for Season 2!  Catch up with full episodes of “Legend of the Seeker” on Hulu.com.


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3 responses to “Legend of the Seeker – “Reckoning”

  1. AJ Garrard

    I only hope they keeep with the books to the point richard becomes Richard Rahl!. To me, that by far will make it or break it for all of us dedicate to the books. Zed says, all the power has been broken appart and the army’s are no longer dedicated to Darken Rahl, but in the book they become dedicated to richard because he is the magic, and they are the steel. They mess this up, the show could lose ALLOT , and I mean ALLOT of ratings. I do agree, love the show up till the last episode, WHERE IS THE DRAGON?

    • MKC

      Good points. For some reason, I feel like the show might not go into Richard becoming Richard Rahl (at least for now) especially with the changes they made in the last few episodes of the season. Point in case, Darken Rahl and Richard are brothers? I was shaking my head on that one, but considering they cast a young Darken Rahl…it wasn’t believable to have him be Richard’s father unless he had some kind of young potion…haha. In terms of Scarlet (the dragon)…I wish they could incorporate her into the show because Richard and Scarlet have a great dynamic together, but sadly I think it would be too expensive for TV. Although…I don’t think Mud People would be out of the question to add to the show. I can easily see a story arc for the Mud People on the show. I guess we shall see.

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