Legend of the Seeker Rewind

Source: Legend of the Seeker.com

Starting this weekend (May 30, 2009), you can watch Season 1 of “Legend of the Seeker” from the Beginning! Check out the summer schedule to see when your favorite episode is airing or if you are new to the show – there’s no place better to start than from the beginning. This weekend’s episode is Part 1 of the Series Premiere entitled: “Prophecy”. Check TVGuide.com for your local listings.

“Legend of the Seeker” is based upon the “Sword of Truth” book series by Terry Goodkind. The cast stars: Craig Horner (Richard Cypher), Bridget Regan (Kahlan Amnell), Bruce Spence (Zeddicus Zul Zorander), and Craig Parker (Darken Rahl).

Full episodes can also be viewed on Hulu.com or catch up with the 5-minute Seeker Recap video. Already seen the 5-minute Seeker Recap? Then check out the newer 5-minute Seeker Recap video with scenes from the Season Finale. See that video here.

(NOTE: The letter R indicates a repeat telecast of the episode.)

1R “Prophecy” 101R 5/30/2009
(Series Premiere – Part 1)

2R “Destiny” 102R 6/6/2009
(Series Premiere – Part 2)

3R “Bounty” 104R 6/13/2009

4R “Brennidon” 105R 6/20/2009

5R “Listener” 106R 6/27/2009

6R “Elixir” 103R 7/4/2009

7R “Identity” 107R 7/11/2009

8R “Denna” 108R 7/18/2009

9R “Puppeteer” 109R 7/25/2009

10R “Sacrifice” 111R 8/1/2009

11R “Confession” 110R 8/8/2009

12R “Home” 114R 8/15/2009

13R “Revenant” 112R 8/22/2009

14R “Hartland” 113R 8/29/2009

15R “Conversion” 115R 9/5/2009

16R “Bloodline” 116R 9/12/2009

17R “Deception” 117R 9/19/2009

18R “Mirror” 118R 9/26/2009

19R “Cursed” 119R 10/3/2009

20R “Sanctuary” 120R 10/10/2009

21R “Fever” 121R 10/17/2009

22R “Reckoning” 122R 10/24/2009
(Season Finale)


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