Trade in time for “Cashback”

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Ben Willis (Biggerstaff) is an art student, and after a painful breakup, Ben develops insomnia. With his new found time, he decides to work the night shift at a local supermarket. The night shift workers are a quirky bunch and while some pass time with antics, Ben imagines that time freezes which allows him to see the beauty in life and in people.

“Cashback” was originally a short film which was turned into a feature film due to its success as a short film. It won 14 awards at international film festivals and was also nominated for an Academy Award in 2006. I really enjoyed this film. It was very artistic and the ensemble cast were great. The cast includes Sean Biggerstaff from the “Harry Potter” series, Emilia Fox, and Michelle Ryan (“Bionic Woman”).

Watching this film is like the feeling and memories you get when you see a picture just before it was captured. I think the underlying message of this film is very true. Even though life can get crazy sometimes, you have to be able to slow down and appreciate the beauty in the life and the people around you. I would definitely recommend renting it if you haven’t seen it. It was heartfelt, funny, and honest. I give this movie 4 stars!


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