“Chuck” news from Comic-Con

Chuck Season 3 Poster from Comic-Con - Image via Chuckmeout.com

"Chuck" Season 3 Poster from Comic-Con - Image via Chuckmeout.com

Source: EW.com

**UPDATE: Chuck Panel Discussion Video from Comic-Con can be viewed here.**

What can we expect from Season 3 of Chuck? The “Chuck” panel recently dropped some hints at Comic-Con, which mildly sastifies some curiosity on what to expect for Season 3. **WARNING: LOOK AWAY IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE SEASON 2 FINALE OF CHUCK!** At the end of the Season 2 finale, Chuck downloads the new intersect to himself and with the “new” upgrades to the intersect – Chuck unleashes some kung-fu skills and kicks some serious butt in order to defeat the bad guys.  Zachary Levi (Chuck) hinted that Chuck’s powers are temporary and they come and go with his flashes. 

Here is an excerpt from the post from EW.com:

On the “Chuck-Fu”: Levi says Chuck can’t know kung fu all the time, or there’d be nothing for Casey and Sarah to do. So there’s a glitch in the system. When he flashes, he gets the powers, but then they’ll fade. Awesome will start to submerge into the spy world as well, given that he’s the only other dude who knows Chuck’s secret. Schwartz talked about playing with the idea of Casey and Ellie getting together, what with Awesome and Ellie being a little on the rocks. And Sarah’s sister Corinna will be coming back to the show. And Morgan will try once again. And fail once again. Or not.

Why would Casey and Ellie get together?  Perhaps it could be more of a camaraderie than a romantic relationship.  Co-creator Josh Schwartz also mentioned in the same post that there is a possibility that “Chuck” may be back earlier than expected.  I guess we shall see.  For now, the website Chuckmeout.com was created in order to help “Chuck” fans survive until the show starts up again. “Chuck” is slated to come back in March 2010 (ugh…so long!).


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