‘Grey’s Anatomy’ exclusive: The George story you’ll never see

Looks like the chances of George O’Malley’s survival have been crushed. The season five finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” left us questioning if George and Izzie will survive and I hoped that both characters would survive, even with T.R. Knight’s departure from the show – now I’m saddened that the story line they were conjuring (for George) will not be seen. The idea was that we would see flashbacks of the moments leading up to George’s accident. Here is an excerpt from EW.com of what “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes envisioned:

In this fall’s season premiere, George will succumb to the injuries he sustained after getting mowed down by that bus in last May’s finale. But that wasn’t supposed to be the last we saw of him. Says Rhimes, the episode was then going to flash back to the hours during which George was missing, from when he left the hospital to when he returned later on as a disfigured John Doe.

“I wanted to see his last day [alive] really badly,” she says. “What I thought was interesting was the idea of, we now know it’s the last day of someone’s life, [so we’re] looking at it differently than [we] would any other time.”


Click on the link below to read the full post from EW.com:
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ exclusive: The George story you’ll never see

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One response to “‘Grey’s Anatomy’ exclusive: The George story you’ll never see

  1. Michael

    This SO does not tell us what George did on his last day this sucks!!!!!!!! I want to know WHAT he did NOT a weak description of what happened!

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