Smallville Season 9 Sneak Peek

Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville - Image courtesy of

Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville - Image courtesy of

Can you believe that “Smallville” is heading into its 9th season? I’ve watched “Smallville” from the beginning and in my opinion, Season 8 was the best season ever and the finale was certainly a cliffhanger. A sneak peek of Season 9 premiered at Comic-Con and I am definitely looking forward to the premiere. Some of the footage includes our first look at Zod played by Callum Blue (“The Tudors”) and Metallo played by Brian Austin Green (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”).

According to TV by the Numbers, the Season 9 premiere of “Smallville” is set for September 25, 2009. Mark your calendars! 🙂

Here’s another video from YouTube (picture is better but the sound is a little muffled):

Check out the full description of the Comic-Con footage on Geek Tyrant. Also Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly shares additional Season 9 spoilers, which will include a season-long love triangle with Clark, Lois, and the Red-Blue Blur.

**UPDATE: Here’s another rundown of the Comic-Con footage and panel discussion from E! Online.**

**UPDATE 2: Listen to the complete “Smallville” Panel Discussion from Comic-Con on at Comics Continuum.**

**UPDATE 3: “By episode 3, Lois and Clark are in the trenches fighting zombies…” Read the full article on Entertainment Weekly.**

**UPDATE 4: Click here to watch the *new* Season 9 promo trailer for “Smallville”.**



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