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Defying Gravity – “Threshold”

Description via ABC.com:

Personal and professional relationships intensify, both aboard ship and on the ground, as the unseen power behind the mission begins to cause psychological and cellular transformations in the astronauts.

The mystery is still looming but has it got any clearer in the third episode of “Defying Gravity”?

Click to Continue: Defying Gravity – Threshold Episode 3 Rundown

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New Whitney Houston Single!

Source: The Wendy Williams Show

**UPDATE: For a limited time, you can listen to Whitney Houston’s new album on line. Click here to listen to the full album.**

According to “The Wendy Williams Show”, the song originally thought of as Whitney Houston’s first single “I Look To You” was a leak off of her anticipated new album of the same name. Whitney Houston’s new single is called “Million Dollar Bill”. Listen to the new single here. The new single is a little bit of a fusion of classic Whitney with a twist. It is upbeat and very catchy. 🙂

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