Defying Gravity – “Threshold”

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Personal and professional relationships intensify, both aboard ship and on the ground, as the unseen power behind the mission begins to cause psychological and cellular transformations in the astronauts.

The mystery is still looming but has it got any clearer in the third episode of “Defying Gravity”?


In the premiere of “Defying Gravity”, they closed the episode with Ted Shaw going into Pod 4, once in the Pod we see a “Mars” like scene and he starts screaming. In “Threshold”, we learn it was indeed “Mars” and something was talking to Shaw. Do we know what it is? No, we do not…but we discover that this “voice” chooses who it wants to speak to and that Shaw’s wife, Eve, was chosen once before too. In my opinion the premiere lacked ample character development, and in this episode I feel like we are starting to really get to know the back stories of these astronauts. Here’s a rundown of the episode’s highlights :

  • Ted Shaw sees Mars and something talks to him.
  • Eve Shaw says that he has been chosen and he [Ted Shaw] needs to go back. Ted becomes distant and withdrawn and stops communicating with the crew.
  • Flashback: The Astronauts get “Halos” which is a device that goes behind the ear in order to suppress sexual urges, and the guys and gals make a bet that they can beat the Halo’s effects. Ajay beats the halo and wins the bet for the guys.
  • Paula (the teacher) who runs the reality segment of the voyage starts puking. She continually pukes throughout the episode and we don’t know why. She is nicknamed Paula Puke.
  • Something strange is going on with the controls of the ship and Maddux and Zoe check it out. A little bit of sexual tension happens between them and a flashback happens and we learn that they want to stick to the rule: “No dating astronauts” that Maddux set. They want to keep their relationship professional and cordial, but yet they still want each other.
  • Rollie wants Jen to talk to Shaw, we see a flashback and we learn that Ted Shaw and Jen had a fling. No details elaborating their past relationship just yet.
  • The Doctor back in mission control is starting to see that the ship’s crew are going through cellular changes.
  • The Doctor goes to Eve Shaw for an explanation and tells her (the doctor) that there’s no turning back if she wants to know the truth. Eve then gives a sample of her hair for the doctor to analyze.
  • Maddux is mad with Ted because he is acting weird and hiding out in his room all the time.
  • Rollie video chats with Shaw and basically tells him to snap out of it and protect the crew and his wife Jen.
  • Ajay is fired.
  • Mission control reprogrammed the ship without telling anyone.
  • Ted gets with it (after his chat with Rollie) and starts acting normal again and starts giving orders to the crew.
  • The Doctor back at base discovers something (8 samples all match to Eve Shaw – that is what displays on the computer screen) and Eve reveals that whatever is happening to the crew, it’s happening to her too….whatever that is.
  • The Doctor gets called into a meeting with a bunch of people and the episode ends there.

The preview for the 4th episode has the tagline “they are not alone”. I’m still on the fence with this show. Hopefully there is some big revelation next week and we’ll have more clarity on the “mystery” of the show.

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