Shaq vs. Ben Roethlisberger

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Last night, August 18, 2009, was the premiere of “Shaq vs.” on ABC. This show is exactly like that Gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm. In a game of “anything you can do, I can do better”, NBA player Shaquille O’Neal challenges other professional athletes at their own sport. The series premiere pitted Shaq against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in order to determine the better quarterback. The series premiere of “Shaq vs.” was quite hilarious! There is no question that Shaq is a big guy standing at 7’1″ so I think this will be quite an interesting show to watch. With egos and reputations on the line, it is amazing how the competitive nature of these athletes are unleashed.


In the premiere both Shaq and Ben started out on a light note by playing a game of Horse, and funnily enough…Ben won the game. Shaq started off winning the game but by the end, Big Ben made several clutch shots and it was Shaq who was shooting bricks at the basket. On to the main event, the show’s format is almost like a sports venue. There are sports casters that comment on both of the athletes progress and narrate the play-by-play at the main event.

We begin with a press conference with the two players and then we get to see both athletes train and then it is on to the main event. Both athletes worked hard and when it came down to the main event, surprisingly Shaq almost beat Ben at his own game. Shaq received some handicaps. He started out on the 20 yard line while Ben had to start from the 40 yard line. They both played the position of quarterback for their respective teams that were comprised of college football players. Shaq and Ben even had a little side bet going. If Shaq won, he got one of Ben’s Superbowl rings and if Ben won he got one of Shaq’s Championship rings (from any team). In the end, Ben won the game by a touchdown and he said to Ben that “he’ll bring it (the ring) on Monday”. All in all it was a fun show to watch and I’m curious to see how Shaq does against the other athletes. If you missed the premiere, you can watch the full episode on and read more about the athlete’s bios. Some of the athletes lined up for the show are Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, and Oscar De La Hoya. Check out a preview video of “Shaq vs. Oscar De La Hoya” on Shaq absolutely towers over Oscar and it definitely looks like it will be fun to watch.

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