Smallville Season 9 Promo Trailer!

Source: EW – Ausiello Files

**UPDATE: Smallville Season 9 Promo Trailer – “Vigilante” has now been embedded below.**

A brand new trailer for “Smallville” Season 9 has emerged and Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive look at the new promo trailer! Watch the full trailer after the rundown!

Here is the rundown of the full trailer:

The screen is dark and we hear Tom Welling’s (Clark Kent) voice narrate:
Clark Kent: “There is no Clark Kent”.

Clark is on top of a building sporting a new black trench coat outfit with a familiar “S” logo across his chest.

Clark Kent: “I wear the symbol to remind myself that I have a different destiny.”

::Fade In:: The September 25 Premiere Date appears. ::Fade Out::

Chloe Sullivan: “It’s good that you are embracing your krytononian side because there is nothing human about you anymore.”

Clark lets himself fall off a building. A train derails and we hear the horn blaring.

Clark Kent: “I started the training that Jor-El always wanted me to do.”

Clark grabs the train as it is falling.

Clark Kent: “I gave up everyone important to me”.

We see Lois unconscious with a cut on her eye and then Clark appears in the scene and looks over her condition.

Chloe Sullivan: “…and what part of that involves skulking around a phone booth looking for Lois”?

We see Lois walking around and yells…

Lois Lane: “I know you are out there somewhere”.

She looks around aimlessly.

Lois Lane: (On a sob) “I promise you can trust me”.

Clark is standing on top of a building looking down at the city and it quickly cuts to Lois standing on the street (as if he was listening to her when she was yelling “you can trust me”)

::Fade In:: This Fall ::Fade Out::

Brian Austin Green (John Corbin/Metallo) appears on screen.

John Corbin: “He’s not a cop, he’s a vigilante…and I’m going to expose him”

There is a cage fight and Oliver (Justin Hartley) appears as he is slammed into the cage.

Lois is in phone booth and making a phone call.

Flashes of doctors and a pending surgery emerge and then we see our first look of Brian Austin Green as Metallo.

Lois Lane: “Look, I know who he is. His name is John Corbin”.

There is a fight and Metallo throws Clark across the room.

::Fade In:: FRIDAYS ::Fade Out::

Now an image of Zod (Callum Blue) appears surrounded by fire and then Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) appears on screen.

Tess Mercer: “Who the hell are you”?

She gets thrown down by the neck by Zod.

Zod: “Kneel before Zod”.

Images of people kneeling appear on screen.

::Fade In:: “Will be legendary” ::Fade Out::

There is a crash sound and a flash of images appear including Oliver in the cage match again.

Clark Kent: “Why are you risking your life”?

Talking to a mystery girl with a sword. I believe it is Sharon Taylor playing a new character named Fiona.

Fiona:“…because it is the only chance to defeat you before you destroy our world”!

We see an image of Chloe with a gun. Then there are flashes of quick scenes of a fight and then of Lois in a chair with Zod standing in front of her and then ending with another girl sitting in a chair. (it looks like Tess)Zod: “I will find the answers that we are looking for or I will die in the quest”!

A steamy Lois and Clark love scene appears – Real or dream sequence? I wonder…

Fiona swings her sword while Clark is on the floor and appears to engage in an attack and it cuts to black.

::Fade In:: “Smallville” ::Fade Out::

Click here to watch the full promo trailer! Who’s excited for Season 9 of Smallville? I know I am! That was an amazing promo trailer! 🙂

Source: YouTube
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