“Defying Gravity”: Bacon (Ep. 6)

Episode Description via ABC.com:
Drawing closer to the orbit of Venus, some members of the Antares crew struggle with guilt and experience vivid repercussions of past actions. Meanwhile, a serious accident causes the life of a teammate to hang in the balance, uniting everyone in the desperate endeavor to save her.

Stick a fork in “Defying Gravity” because it is done and over cooked. No, “Defying Gravity” hasn’t been canceled, but in my opinion I think it will be soon. From the beginning, I wasn’t sure if this show was worth following but I must admit it intrigued me. According to TV by the Numbers, the ratings for the show are getting worse and I don’t think it is going to get any better unless the next episode is the biggest reveal of the season. That’s just my opinion but now back to the episode rundown.

Here are the episode highlights:

  • Flashback to the past: Zoe takes the abortion pill.
  • (Still in the past) The crew of the Antares are performing some sort of medical training. Donner gets queasy around blood and people bet on when he is going to puke.
  • In the present: Paula and Wassenfelder “sweat-bond” by relocating crates in the storage pods per Shaw’s orders.
  • Wassenfelder pushes a crate toward Paula, but she wasn’t ready to receive it and she gets hit by the crate. Paula loses a thumb in the process and suffers an abdominal injury. The crew works fast in order to save Paula’s life and they discuss if they can’t find her thumb they’ll regrow it but she might not be ready in time to pilot the Venus lander.
  • Jen is allowing one of the rabbit embryos (Rufus) to grow, which is against mission control’s rules. Only Zoe knows about it.
  • Dr. Evram Minsk needs to operate on Paula but when he goes to operate he freezes (and his hands shake) because he sees the face of the school girl that he couldn’t save in the war he was in.
  • Wassenfelder looks for Paula’s thumb while he and Nadia clean up the bloody mess from Paula’s accident.
  • Back to the past: Zoe is having some side effects from the abortion pill and she is excused from the day’s training attributing it to cramps.
  • Donner is done for the day as well as his blood threshold quota had been reached. He heads to the bus stop and Zoe is there.
  • Donner talks to Zoe (while she is in pain) about bacon and about a pig he use to have and Zoe passes out in pain but before she passes out she attempts to tell Donner what was going on but she doesn’t get a chance to. As she is wheeled away, Donner gets a sight of blood flowing down Zoe’s pants and he pukes on to the pavement.
  • Zoe is wheeled into the hospital and Jen sees her and is concerned since she knows that Zoe is about to have a miscarriage from the abortion pill. She tells the doctor what is happening but she pleads with the doctor not to let the program know about it or she (Zoe) might get kicked out of the program. The doctor makes no guarantees. Ajay overhears the conversation. Jen tells Ajay he is sworn to secrecy about Zoe’s situation.
  • Donner and Ajay talk while waiting on news about Zoe. Donner tells Ajay that he felt dumb for trying to tell Zoe a story about pigs/bacon. Ajay says to Donner that he could tell the story to him. Donner explains that he liked bacon and as a kid he had a pig and before the pig was killed his Dad told him that he should get to know the pig before you eat it. Obviously the pig/bacon storyline was a metaphor for Donner trying to get to know Zoe since he slept with her.
  • Back to the present: Minsk performs the surgery successfully with Donner’s help. Even though Donner has an issue with seeing blood, he really stepped it up because at one point Minsk was totally freaking out by his hallucination that he couldn’t concentrate. Wassenfelder then storms in with Paula’s thumb – so now they are able to reattach it and they’re optimistic that she’ll recover in time in order to pilot the Venus lander.
  • After the surgery, Minsk discussed the school girl hallucination he experienced with Shaw and how it was so vivid and suggested that something was going on with the ship. Shaw doesn’t say anything.
  • Back to the past, Zoe had to have an emergency hysterectomy and when she wakes up – Eve is there. Eve tells Zoe that she had an ovarian cyst that burst, which is why she needed the hysterectomy and that’s “the story” that they’ll tell everyone else. Her parting words to Zoe were that “she should’ve came to her” and they “could’ve figure things out”.
  • Donner sits by her side as she recovers.

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