DWTS Season 9 Three-Night Recap

Season 9 of “Dancing with the Stars” has arrived. The men performed on night one and on night two, the ladies performed. I think there were pleasant surprises, but all in all every contestant showed some potential to grow. Nevertheless, one man and one woman have been eliminated from the competition and they are…

Ashley Hamilton and Macy Gray

In my opinion, I see three front-runners for the men and three front-runners for the women. I also have a dark horse choice on both sides. Let’s start with the men.

In no particular order, here are my choices for male front-runners:
1. Donny Osmond
2. Aaron Carter
3. Mark Dacascos

I was pleasantly surprised by Donny Osmond. I wasn’t sure how well he was going to do in this competition, but he really showed a lot of potential and he was quite the showman. Aaron Carter is another one who showed potential, but he didn’t seem like he was quite at ease and I think that showed in his face. Mark Dacascos also has a lot of potential and I think he showed a lot of personality in his video segments and with fan-favorite Lacey Schwimmer as a partner, I think they’ll be around for awhile. In terms of a dark horse on the men’s side, I think we can’t count out Louie Vito quite yet. Louie’s partner is Chelsie Hightower. Last season Hightower was paired with Ty Murray who placed 4th in the competition, and the growth that Murray showed as a dancer was amazing.

In no particular order, here are my choices for female front-runners:
1. Joanna Krupa
2. Mya
3. Kelly Osbourne

Joanna Krupa is paired with Season 7’s DWTS Champ Derek Hough. In her two dances, she really showed a good balance of technique and performance. Mya is probably my favorite of this season thus far. Mya is paired with Dmitry Chaplin and even though Len Goodman reamed out Dmitry (for his choreography) – Dmitry received a 2009 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreography. Kelly Osbourne was the biggest surprise of the ladies. Who knew she could be so graceful on the dance floor? My dark horse pick would be Natalie Coughlin. Judge Carrie-Ann Inaba called Coughlin “a diamond in the rough”. In the past, every Olympian that made the [DWTS] finals has won, so can the streak continue? I would also keep an eye out for Melissa Joan Hart. With reigning DWTS champ Mark Ballas as her partner, she definitely has the potential to improve.

Missed the performances or you want to watch them again? Visit ABC.com to watch the performances from the 3-night premiere.

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