“Smallville” Season 9 Premiere – “Savior”

Image courtesy of CWTV.com

Image courtesy of CWTV.com

Whoa! That was my final comment after watching the last 30 seconds of the season 9 premiere of “Smallville”. If you watched the season 9 promo trailer, you would have a good sense of what happened during this premiere as almost every scene from the trailer occurred in the premiere.


So at the end of Season 8, Lois used the legion ring and was sent to the future. The Season 9 premiere takes place 3 weeks after Lois’s disappearance. Chloe is making calls to the police in order to find Lois but no one seems to know what has happened to her. No one has seen Clark but yet he has stepped up his hero role and continues to do good, but some people believe he is a vigilante more than a hero. The Justice League members (Black Canary, Aqua Man, Cyborg) including Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) are no where to be found and it doesn’t seem like they want to be found. There is a dark undertone to the episode, so you can tell that trouble is brewing. Here is how the rest of the episode plays out:

  • A train rides into the city and there is a lightening zap hits the train and it is Lois that suddenly appears on the train. Another zap of lightening occurs and a mysterious ninja woman is zapped onto the train and attacks Lois. They fight and the train derails and descends onto the city.
  • Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Smallville -- Image courtesy of CWTV.com

    Tom Welling as Clark Kent on "Smallville" -- Image courtesy of CWTV.com

  • Clark saves the train (sporting a new black trench coat outfit with the Superman “S” on his shirt) and sees Lois unconscious on the train and he seems uplifted to see her. Lois wakes up and she sees the Superman “S” burned on the side of the building and she knows that the Red Blue Blur must have saved the train.
  • Clark is now in the fortress and he is going through some sort of training but he is distracted because he sees images of Lois in his head. He asks Jor-El why can’t he fly yet, and Jor-El says that he doesn’t lack the ability to fly but the reason he can’t is all in his head.
  • We see Lois is in the hospital and Chloe runs to see her. Lois rambles on that she is going to be late and she needs to head to a phone booth because she has a (phone) meeting with the Red Blue Blur. Also that there is a crazy ninja lady after her and she wants help from the Red Blue Blur.
  • Chloe thinks that Lois is a little delusional from the train crash and then processes that Lois has talked to the Red Blue Blur. Lois then says that she has talked to the Blur before and that he said that he would protect Chloe from Davis.
  • At this point, Lois does not know she has been missing for 3 weeks, and as Chloe tries to find something to help Lois sleep – Lois sneaks out and runs to the phone booth but she doesn’t hear anyone on the other line.
  • She yells out that she wants to thank him (the Blur) and that he can trust her.
  • Back to Clark who is running through some falling simulations and he asks Jor-El when they can stop the simulations, and Jor-El says he is lacking focus and something (Lois?) is distracting him which is keeping him from his training. Clark then says that he must say goodbye to her.
  • Callum Blue as Major Zod in Smallville -- Image courtesy of CWTV.com

    Callum Blue as Major Zod in "Smallville" -- Image courtesy of CWTV.com

  • In the Luthor mansion we see that Major Zod and his platoon have taken over the mansion and are monitoring Tess Mercer whom they’ve been trying to get answers from. Zod and his platoon do not know how they got there or why and they question Zod’s capability as a leader. Also none of them seem to have their powers.
  • Lois investigates the train wreckage when she is greeted by John Corben (Brian Austin Green) who she mistakes as a Detective. He tells her that she has been missing for 3 weeks and she is confused. Lois picks up a newspaper to check the date and funny enough…the date of the newspaper is the date of the season premiere of “Smallville” – September 25, 2009.
  • Erica Durance as Lois Lane and Brian Austin Green as John Corben -- Image courtesy of CWTV.com

    Erica Durance as Lois Lane and Brian Austin Green as John Corben -- Image courtesy of CWTV.com

  • A cop comes into the train and sees Corben and Lois and to prevent them from getting arrested, Corben kisses Lois suddenly. The cop tells them to scram and then Lois is quite upset (at Corben) and steps on Corben’s foot hard, but Corben doesn’t seem to flinch (is he Metallo already?)
  • Back to Chloe’s place, Dr. Hamilton (who works for Oliver Queen) equips her place with monitoring equipment. They review the train derailment and Dr. Hamilton discovers there were 2 rifts in time when the train derailed. They figured out that Lois must’ve used the Legion ring to go into the future and when she came back, someone (the ninja assassin lady) followed her.
  • Back to the Luthor mansion, Tess wakes up and she has a black eye and other bruises. She meets Zod and he tries to get Tess to talk because he feels that she holds the answer on why he and his platoon are there.
  • Tess tells Zod that they are here to save the world (WHAT????) and that they should team up and escape. Tess them attempts to choke Zod and he slams her down.
  • Chloe finds Clark standing on a rooftop and she asks him where has he been. He says that he has been training and that his old life seems so far away and that he has to stay objective. Chloe then asks what does that have to do with skulking around a phone booth (looking for Lois). Chloe then hands back the Legion ring to Clark, and she tells him that Lois used it and came back with a time traveling buddy that seems to want to kill her (Lois). Chloe then tells Clark that Lois has no recollection of ever visiting the future.
  • Oliver Queen is in a cage match and is getting pretty beat up. The round ends and Lois comes into the ring carrying the Round 3 display and tries to talk to Ollie. He asks her how she found him, and she says that it wasn’t hard and she came to ask for his help because there is a ninja assassin after her.
  • All of a sudden the ninja assassin lady disrupts the cage match and then Clark shows up. She (the assassin lady) tells him that she knew he would be watching her (Lois) and that she wanted to face him (Clark) the whole time.
  • Clark and the ninja assassin head to the barn and they start to fight, and she says that she must defeat him before he destroys the world. At one point Clark spots that the assassin has his father’s watch (which Clark is currently wearing), and he asks how she got it. She says that he gave it to her (but Clark doesn’t know who she is yet). The assassin dies as she lands on one of the tools in the barn. Clark noticed the watch she was wearing was set 1 year into the future.
  • Back to the cage match place, the crowd has dissipated and Lois is helping Ollie clean up his cuts and she says that she is disappointed in him. Ollie says that he is not a hero and that he is just a rich playboy.
  • Zod and Tess are on trial (of sorts) as the other kryptonians question Zod as they ask why they are here. Zod says that if they are there it is because something has happened to Krypton and that if they swear allegiance to him that he will find the answers they seek or he’ll die in the quest! Everyone kneels before Zod and one of the people kneeling is the ninja assassin girl! Zod looks back at Tess and smiles and she smiles too. Have Tess and Zod formed an alliance?
  • Chloe stops by the barn and Clark says that he has 1 year to fix everything before the worst happens. Chloe then asks Clark to use the ring to save Jimmy. He says that he can’t because that would be changing destiny, and the last time he tried to “play god” his father died. Chloe is upset that Clark is not going to help and she makes a comment: “it’s a good thing that you’ve embraced your kryptonian side because there is nothing human about you”.
  • At the Daily Planet, Lois is trying to access her computer but she is locked out. She hears a chair squeak and she calls out for Clark, but she finds John Corben sitting at Clark’s desk.
  • Corben then reveals that he is a reporter and jokes that he could be her desk mate and Lois scoffs and says not to get too comfortable [in Clark’s chair] because Clark is coming back. Corben then said that he heard that Clark was not coming back and that he was visiting his family indefinitely. Lois reaffirms her position that Clark is coming back.
  • Corben then asks wasn’t she fired (from the Daily Planet), and she says that was just a technicality. He says that he hopes that’s true. He then formally introduces himself and says that perhaps he’ll see her out in the field and then he leaves.
  • Lois then notices that Clark’s name plate was in the garbage and she picks it up. Her phone rings and it is Clark calling as the Red Blue Blur. She thanks him for saving her, and he asks that this conversation remains between them. (we don’t get to hear the conversation)
  • Lois is back in her apartment and as she lays her head down flashes of images come into her head. All through the images there are voices saying “Zod”. The first image looks like Clark’s shadow with a “Z” on his chest and then she sees Chloe’s death, the ninja assassin, Oliver burying something or somebody, an image of her and Clark in the throws of passion, and then the ninja assassin again. Lois then wakes up in a slight panic.

I wonder if Lois remembered what happened in the future? I guess we shall see. For more info on the show, visit the “Smalliville” official website.

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