Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Premiere

Greys Anatomy stars T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl -- Image courtesy of

Grey's Anatomy stars T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl -- Image courtesy of

September 24, 2009, was the 2-hour season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy”. At the end of season 5, we found both Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) gripping to life and we finally find out what has happened to them.


This past summer it was announced that T.R. Knight was not going to return to “Grey’s Anatomy”, however Katherine Heigl did in fact sign on for another season. “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes had a story planned for Knight’s character which we unfortunately will not see. So if you have seen any commercial promos leading up to the premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy”, you would be able to infer that Izzie Stevens survives while George O’Malley doesn’t.

George O’Malley passes away, and it is an emotional story line but the way it was told made it a beautiful story that was touching, poignant, and uplifting. It really paid homage to the character of George O’Malley and how he has impacted the people around him. His death affects everyone differently and the two-hour premiere takes place over a 40 day timeline. Here are the episode highlights:

  • Izzie survives and George passes, there is a brief moment where they were unsure that John Doe was George but it is indeed George.
  • O’Malley’s mom comes and she doesn’t have the strength to see George then alone decide about whether or not to donate his organs. She asks Callie to decide because she says: “in God’s eyes, you are still his wife.”
  • Callie cannot decide and she feels that Izzie should be the one to decide on what to do with George’s organs.
  • The doctors run off the list of what they want to donate, and Izzie says that George would donate everything.
  • When harvesting George’s organs, Dr. Bailey wanted every doctor receiving an organ state who it is for. This is quite an emotional scene.
  • Derek gives Alex and Izzie the keys to his trailer because he feels they should have a place of their own as Meredith and Derek want their privacy too.
  • Since Seattle Grace is not raising their hospital rating, the board is thinking of ousting Chief Webber and promoting Derek to Chief of Surgery. Derek says he has to think about it and he talks to the Chief and says that the Chief needs to come up with a plan.
  • Callie asks if her application of becoming an attending doctor has been reviewed, and the Chief says that there is no place for her this year. Callie is upset and she says that they are going to regret not hiring her.
  • Dr. Hunt and Cristina are in therapy together and the psychiatrist tells Cristina that Owen won’t get better unless he starts to talk about what happened to him during the war and/or what went on in his dream where he almost choked Cristina to death. They make progress when Owen reveals that in his dream he was trying to save his own life and that he wants to get better because he never wants to hurt her again.
  • Mark Sloan moves into the same apartment complex as Callie and he lives right across the hall from her. Sloan wants Lexie to move in with him but she is hesitant.
  • Callie gets a job at Mercy West hospital.
  • Dr. Webber heads to a meeting with the board but while driving he runs a red light. He is taken to Mercy West and is treated by Callie. Webber takes an interest in Mercy West Hospital.
  • Izzie still has cancer but she is getting better. However, Alex is afraid of doing something wrong around Izzie which would result in her dying. They talk it out though.
  • Lexie and Callie have a boundaries talk after Callie goes and talks to Mark while he is in the shower. Callie assures her that Mark doesn’t see her (Callie) as he use to and that he is smitten with Lexie. Lexie ends up moving in with Mark after all.
  • There’s a big board meeting held at Seattle Grace, rumors are flying that Dr. Webber might be leaving to go to Mercy West Hospital.
  • Dr. Webber makes an announcement that Seattle Grace and Mercy West Hospital are merging. Some may lose their jobs, so everyone has to be at the top of their game.
  • O’Malley’s locker is cleared out and Meredith sobs at the empty space, Derek comes in and comforts her.
  • Everyone still can’t believe that George O’Malley is gone.

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