Whip It! Whip it good!

Whip It -- Image via Fox Search Light

"Whip It" -- Image via Fox Search Light

“Whip It” marks the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore and it stars Academy Award nominee Ellen Page (“Juno”), Academy Award Winner Marcia Gay Harden (“Pollock”), Kristen Wiig (“SNL”), and Juliette Lewis (“The Other Sister”).

A small town beauty pageant contestant (Page) trades in her crown for skates and joins a roller derby team.

“Be your own hero” is the movie’s motto and this movie is full of heart, guts, and laughs. I wouldn’t label “Whip It” as just your ordinary chick-flick, I think it is a film that anyone can relate to. It’s about self discovery, and following your dreams! Plus, the action sequences will have you cheering for more!


Bliss Cavendar (Page) hails from a small town in Texas where her mother tries to mold Bliss into a beauty pageant contestant like she was when she was Bliss’s age, however, Bliss doesn’t want to be part of the beauty pageant world and rebels against it. Everything changes for Bliss when she attends a roller derby game in Austin, Texas. She falls in love with the sport and begins to make secret trips to Austin and thus beginning her journey to become a roller derby girl. Bliss lies about her age in order to try out for the Hurl Scouts and against all odds she makes the team. Now Bliss has to juggle school with the upcoming Bluebonnet pageant, her job, boys, and roller derby.

Bliss’s journey is like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. In the beginning she’s a caterpillar trying to figure out where she belongs and once she discovers roller derby, she begins to develop into butterfly granted a rough and tough one. Ellen Page does a great job portraying the metamorphosis of Bliss’s character which was both real and honest. The supporting cast was also great. You really saw how her Hurl Scout teammates became a second family to Bliss and it’s a chemistry that translates well on screen. Also what I really liked about the film is how it strayed away from certain cliches. There are a few scenes that I expected to go one way, but I was pleasantly surprised that it went in a different direction.

This is an underdog story that anyone can identify with and it’s just a fun time at the movies. I would highly recommend seeing “Whip It”! If I were to grade this film, I would give it an A-. For more information on the movie, visit the “Whip It” official website. Go see “Whip It”! 🙂

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