Smallville Season 9: “Echo”

Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Chris Gauthier as The Toyman -- Image via

Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Chris Gauthier as The Toyman -- Image via

The Toyman (Chris Gauthier) is back and he’s out for revenge against Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley)! Meanwhile, as part of Jor-El’s training, Clark (Tom Welling) has been temporarily granted the power of hearing people’s thoughts. Will Clark use his new found power for the good of the people or for his personal gain?


The episode starts with a hostage situation where a bomber is keeping everyone in a building unwillingly as he has dynamite strapped to his chest and wears a creepy doll mask (think the “Saw” movies). Clark zooms in as the Red Blue Blur and saves everyone then he comes back for the bomber and knocks him out but it turns out the “bomber” was a hostage himself as he was bound and the mask was hiding the fact that his mouth was taped too. The mask then starts to make some beeping noises and Clark races toward the dynamite and holds it close to himself. The bomb explodes and the windows blow out as well, and when it happens Clark seems to have gained a new power. He quickly exits and it cuts to Clark coming out of a phone booth performing a signature Superman move, which is adjusting his tie [after changing out of his “super” suit]. Lois rushes to the scene and she is surprised to see Clark there so fast and here’s where the fun begins for this episode as Clark quickly discovers that he can hear Lois’s thoughts. This episode has some dark undertones with the development of Oliver’s character, but I think this episode was all about Lois & Clark as Lois’s thoughts finally speaks out her feelings [for Clark] for which she can’t seem to say aloud. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • While at the crime scene Lois tries to find out more info about the Blur and Clark tells her that he left the scene. Lois then stumbles while climbing something and Clark catches her. She grasps his arm and says “hello sailor” and Clark is surprised to hear Lois speak without actually moving her lips and as she walks away she calls him “hot stuff” in her mind and he hears it again.
  • Clark and Chloe talk about his new found power and it appears like he can only her Lois’s thoughts (at the moment). They also find out the bomb that went off was triggered remotely. Chloe then suggests to Clark that he should talk to Jor-El in order to find out more info about his new power. Clark later visits the fortress of solitude and talks to Jor-El. Apparently this new power was triggered by an event but it is temporary. Jor-El advises Clark that he needs to use his instincts in order to help him better protect people.
  • At the Daily Planet, Clark uses his new ability to listen to Lois’s thoughts and does little acts like getting her a maple donut but Clark manages to ask Lois on a date! Actually Clark declares it “like” a date just to put less pressure on the situation.
  • Lois and Clark head to the hospital to interview the hostages from the bombing and Clark uses his powers in order to put their minds at ease so that they freely share their accounts of what happened. Lois is amazed as Clark’s intuition so to speak.
  • Lois is later getting ready (cutting up jeans) for her date with Clark to the monster truck rally when Chloe stops by. Chloe feels that Lois is getting too glammed up for a monster truck rally and that a guy must be involved. Lois tells Chloe that she is going on a date with Clark, and Chloe is surprised and Lois further tells Chloe that her and Clark have been on the same wavelength all day and Chloe jokes that it seemed like Clark was reading her mind, and she responds “yes”. Lois tells Chloe not to wait up and leaves for her date.
  • Meanwhile at the hospital, Clark listens in on the thoughts of the “bomber” and finds out the real culprit of the bombing was the Toyman!
  • At some bar, Oliver is drinking away when he gets into a bit of trouble with some of the locals as he was groping someone’s wife. They get into an altercation as Tess busts into the room and fires her gun at people. Everyone leaves and Tess and Oliver talk. Tess tells Oliver that his stock is dropping and he needs to attend a party and address the shareholders, and he agrees.
  • Then we find Chloe at the Daily Planet and she starts to think thoughts about being angry with Clark as Clark listens in and faces her in person. Chloe is mad at Clark for using his new powers to manipulate Lois into dating him and Clark defends himself and says that it wasn’t like that. Chloe goes on in saying that she’s mad at him for now standing up Lois, and Clark says that he doesn’t want to but he is trying to protect her as he lets Chloe know that the Toyman is still at large and he would be still trying to look for Oliver. Last season, Oliver framed the Toyman for Lex Luthor’s murder when Oliver was responsible for the act. Chloe then tells Clark that the Toyman won’t have a hard time finding Oliver because he was addressing the shareholders at a party that very evening.
  • Clark heads to the party and listens in on the doorman’s thoughts in order to find a name on the list. Clark gives the name that he heard and it seems the admission was for 2. Then Lois arrives in a monster truck and she looks like “a woman on a mission”. Clark asks her why she is there and Lois says it is for a story but mainly she wanted to give Clark a piece of her mind but finds it hard to find the words because all that she was thinking was that she shouldn’t get attached to Clark. Clark convinces her that he can handle the story and Lois decides to leave.
  • Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen in Smallville -- Image via

    Image via

  • While inside Clark listens in on conversational thoughts as Oliver gives a speech, but all of a sudden Oliver’s speech turns into a self-deprecating speech as someone has changed the teleprompter. Oliver figures there is something wrong and the teleprompter tells Oliver to pick up the headset and put it in his ear. It’s the Toyman on the other end and he has a personal vendetta against Oliver and he tells Oliver that he is standing on a bomb. A very high pitch sound happens which everyone is affected by and as if someone snapped their finger, Clark’s temporary power is gone.
  • Oliver continues to read the teleprompter as the Toyman wills it and he stops when the teleprompter reads: MURDERER. The Toyman wanted Oliver to tell the truth and reveal himself as Lex’s murderer. Meanwhile Clark uses his x-ray vision and sees that Oliver is standing on a timed bomb. Clark calls Chloe and he tells her what is going on and asks if she knew of a way to get all of the people out of the building. Chloe hacks into a computer and sets off the fire alarm and everyone clears out. Then Clark sees the Toyman and goes after him. While Clark has him in his hands, Clark figures out that the Toyman wouldn’t put himself in danger if a bomb were near and Clark uses his heat vision to discover the Toyman was just a robot.
  • As Clark was dealing with the robot Toyman, Oliver was taking a deep breath and braced himself as he stepped off the pedestal. Clark then runs in and asks Oliver how he knew the bomb was a fake and Oliver admits that he didn’t. Wow…Oliver is in such a dark spiraling hole that he was prepared to kill himself.
  • The real Toyman is captured and he is held in an interrogation room when Tess walks in and shoots him in the knee and tells him to leave Oliver alone. Tess reveals that she has an arrangement with the guard and the story that she has fabricated in order to explain the gun shot would send the Toyman to solitary confinement. The Toyman doesn’t want to be sent there and it is Tess who says that he does and she presents him with John Corben’s kryptonite heart. She tells him that he needs time to study his “new toy” as she wants him to figure out how it works.
  • Image via

    Image via

  • Clark and Oliver have a chat after the whole ordeal and Clark apologizes to Oliver and tells him that he has neglected his friends but assures Oliver that he can always turn to him for advice. Clark adds that he hasn’t given up on Oliver even if he (Oliver) gave up on himself.
  • Back at the Planet, Clark tries to apologize to Lois but Lois just tries to play it off. Clark then hypothetically says that it would be hard to ask for a 2nd date after botching it up the 1st time. Lois agrees and Clark says that good thing it was “like a date” only. Then Clark goes on and says that hypothetically he would get it right the next time if he asked her on a date. Aww!
    • Next week’s episode is entitled “Roulette”. Here’s the premise via
      Oliver (Justin Hartley) is drugged and kidnapped by a woman named Victoria AKA Roulette (guest star Steph Song), who tells Oliver that he’s involved in a dangerous game and must fight for his life. After Victoria shows up dead and Oliver is arrested by the police, he turns to Chloe (Allison Mack) for help. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) berates Clark (Tom Welling) for not telling her about Oliver’s suicide attempt. Cassidy Freeman and Callum Blue also star.

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