Smallville Season 9: “Roulette”

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen and Steph Song as Victoria in Smallville -- Image via

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen and Steph Song as Victoria in "Smallville" -- Image via

Oliver (Justin Hartley) tries his luck at Roulette and when he is down on his luck he is approached by a mysterious woman (guest star Steph Song) to play one final game. The woman sets up a classic 3 cup game and asks Oliver to choose a cup. Underneath the cup is a red pill and Oliver has a bit of a Matrix moment where he can choose not to play or take the red pill and continue the game. He chooses to take the red pill and things start to get hazy and when Oliver wakes up, he realizes he has stepped into a dangerous game and must fight for his life.


Back at Clark’s house, Clark speeds in and finds Lois folding her laundry. Clark quickly changes out of his Blur suit and changes into normal clothes. Clark asks Lois why she is there, and she says that she brought movies for a movie night. As Lois and Clark watch the movie, Clark uses excuses like getting drinks and popcorn in order to respond to those he hears in distress. Meanwhile after Oliver wakes up from being drugged, he finds himself in a coffin with a flashlight. He looks around the coffin and sees the words “Game on” written on the wall. Oliver is able to unhook the latch in the coffin and he is able to break free from his confinement. He finds another coffin in the room and noises were coming from it. Oliver opens the coffin and finds a speaker in the coffin and all of a sudden a voice resonates in the room and tells Oliver that he has to say the safe word in order to end the game but Oliver doesn’t know the rules of the game. A dog chases Oliver and he gets into an unlocked car then a truck comes toward the car and Oliver can’t get out because the doors were jammed and Oliver ducks down as the truck rams into the car. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Back at Clark’s house, Clark figures out that Lois is not telling him what is bothering her and she admits that she is upset because it is Oliver’s birthday and they have a tradition to play beer pong (on his b-day) but Oliver hasn’t been answering his phone.
  • Oliver wakes up along side the wrecked car and he gets up and makes a call to Chloe for help but the call is intercepted and the person on the phone said that it wasn’t going to be that easy (to get out of the game). Oliver hangs up and looks at his wrist and finds a “Roulette” (the gambling establishment where he was drugged) stamp. Oliver heads to the Roulette club and finds the woman who drugged him there. She is flustered and runs up to him and kisses him and whispers in his ear that the game is still in play and there are people in the room that are part of it. Both Oliver and the woman fight the people in the club and they run out of there together. The woman’s name is Victoria and she explains to Oliver that the people she works for are dangerous and that he must’ve upset someone greatly in order for him to get involved in “the game”. As they are running Victoria is shot in the back and as Oliver checks on her the cops come and find Oliver covered in blood and Oliver explains that he didn’t kill her and they tase him.
  • Lois and Clark head to Oliver’s apartment and they snoop around. Lois logs into Oliver’s computer as Clark discovers the Roulette napkin. Lois watches a video on Oliver’s computer, which is the footage from the Toyman’s attempted bombing and finds out that Oliver almost committed suicide and she is upset with Clark (she sees Clark approach Oliver in the video) for keeping this from her.
  • Oliver wakes up and finds himself changed to a chair in an interrogation room. The cop that tased Oliver starts talking to him but reveals that the case has been turned over to the FBI. A FBI agent enters the room and tells Oliver that he knows about “the game” and that the FBI have been investigating the people behind “the game”. The FBI agent further elaborates that “the game” targets wealthy individuals as he puts a computer in front of Oliver. He advises Oliver to check his accounts in order to make sure that his money has been untouched. Oliver checks his accounts and all of his money is intact. The agent says “that’s a good thing” and leaves the room, then all of a sudden Oliver’s account is drained and Oliver calls for help when gas starts seeping into the room. Clark rushes in and saves Oliver and there is a bit of confusion on Oliver’s part because he finds himself in a warehouse of sorts and the interrogation room was a fake and “the game” was over (since all of his money was taken).
  • Clark and Oliver head to the watchtower to find Chloe and Chloe does a little computer work and finds out that Victoria’s alias is “Roulette”. Oliver storms off in order to find the people behind “the game” and Chloe shows Clark the footage from Oliver’s computer and zooms in a particular person. It is the ninja assassin lady (alive and well) on the night of the bombing and Clark is shocked because he buried her body himself when she died in the barn. Chloe advises Clark to ask Jor-El to find out more about the woman.
  • Meanwhile, Lois is on her phone and she manages to find Oliver’s car and she is greeted by Victoria! They fight and Victoria pulls a gun on Lois.
  • Oliver heads to the Roulette club and finds a woman dressed in red at the bar and points a gun at her. The woman doesn’t say anything and Oliver cocks his gun but he doesn’t fire. Then he finds that the woman in red is Lois tied up and when Oliver tries to help Lois, Victoria enters and points her gun at Oliver. Victoria says that she is disappointed and says that Oliver lacks a killer’s instinct. Victoria starts firing and Oliver ducks and when he rises he finds that Victoria is hiding behind Lois. Lois indicates to Oliver to shoot Victoria but he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to hit Lois. Oliver then smells gasoline in the room and Victoria waves a lighter in her hand and threatens to torch the place but she runs off to a room off to the side. There is a loud crash and Victoria calls for help. Oliver runs in and finds Victoria under a heavy slab and flames are starting to engulf the room. He tries to lift the slab but he is unable to. Then Victoria slips out and all of the flames in the room extinguish. Victoria asks Oliver who did he destroy and she flips a switch and mirror faces Oliver. She says that the hero is still in him (because he tried to save her), but he has look within.
  • Chloe is sitting at a cafe when Oliver brings her a King chess piece as he has figured out that Chloe was behind the whole “game”. Oliver thanks Chloe for saving his life both the “myth and the man”. Although Oliver questions the safety of Lois when they were playing “the game” and Chloe says that Lois was not suppose to be involved but she made sure that Oliver’s gun had blanks (because she didn’t trust Oliver but she had faith in his heroism). Oliver asks if Clark was involved and Chloe said that Clark was not involved in her plan but the Justice League members were.
  • Lois stops by as Oliver checks on his computer that his money is all back, and she talks to him about the video on his computer. She asks him why he never came to talk to her if he was having problems and Oliver responds that it was “pride, fear, and regret” that prevented him as he was fighting his demons. Lois asks was there “nothing in life worth fighting for”? Oliver responds that he never felt that way when he was with her but he knows that things have changed between them. Lois says that things have changed but she is always there for him. They conclude their talk by playing beer pong.
  • At watchtower, Clark talks to Chloe after talking to Jor-El and he finds out that the woman’s name is Alia and the symbol on her shoulder (as seen on the video) was a family crest and that she was Kandorian. Kandor was suppose to explode with Krypton but somehow with the time rift they can’t tell how many Kandorians survive. Chloe checks her computer and she assures Clark that he is not alone (implying there are more of his kind).
  • Oliver suits up in his Green Arrow costume on top of a building and Clark approaches him. Oliver says that Clark’s outfit is dumb and that he can refer Clark to his tailor. Oliver then gets serious and says that Clark has done a great job and now he is there to help him.

Next week’s episode is titled “Crossfire”. “There are moments that define a legend then there are moments that are legendary…” Hidden meaning…Lois and Clark kiss! Watch the promo for “Crossfire” here.


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