Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Premiere – “Marked”

The Season Two Premiere of “Legend of the Seeker” has finally arrived! The second season is loosely based on Stone of Tears, which is second book in “The Sword of Truth” series by Terry Goodkind. Charisma Carpenter guest stars as Mord Sith Triana along with series regular Tabrett Bethell and the rest of the LOTS cast.


In the season one finale “Reckoning”, Richard (Craig Horner) with the help of Mord Sith Cara (Tabrett Bethell) defeat Darken Rahl and fulfill the prophecy. People have begun rejoicing on the Seeker’s victory over Darken Rahl (Craig Parker) however the remaining Mord Sith along with some loyal D’Harans are without a leader. A banquet is being held in the Seeker’s honor but Richard although flattered, feels that he and Zedd should proceed with their journey in order to escort Kahlan (Bridget Regan) to Aydindril as that is where the Mother Confessor resides. The banquet is crashed by a screeling but Richard is able to lure the creature away. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Darken Rahl is in the underworld and is greeted by the Keeper and vows that he will expand his dominion to the world above. Also there is no escape from death and the Seeker will belong to him (the Keeper).
  • The Mord Sith gather and Triana (Charisma Carpenter) and Cara get into an altercation as she does not approve of Cara leading them as the Mord Sith have pledged their allegiance to serve the House of Rahl. Cara repeats to Triana that Darken Rahl is dead, but Triana rebuts and says that there must be another Rahl as their agiels would not work if there weren’t another Rahl next in line.
  • Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd try to track down the screeling but they find a tear in the veil which separates the world from the living from the dead. That is how the screeling escaped from the underworld. The power of orden is what caused the tear and in order to repair it, Richard must seek the Stone of Tears which has been lost for quite some time.
  • Back in town some D’Haran soldiers have requested to see Richard. They are not there to fight but to pledge their allegiance to the new Lord Rahl (aka Richard). The leader of the battalion explains to Richard that they have kept a secret for as long as Richard has been alive that he is Darken Rahl’s brother*. He describes that Panis Rahl learned of a prophecy where he (Panis Rahl) would father another child whom will kill Darken Rahl and therefore he disguised himself as a handsome young shepard and had a relationship with Zedd’s daughter who eventually gave birth to Richard. When Darken Rahl heard of this, he killed his father, but [Panis] was revived by a Mord Sith (hmm…I wonder if they are implying that Panis Rahl could still be alive) and the battalion leader sent a message to Zedd’s daughter (Richard’s mother) informing her that Darken Rahl had given orders to have every 1st born son in Brennidon killed. The battalion leader and his men have kept this secret so that one day they would serve to protect Richard…the new Lord Rahl.
  • Triana is visited by Darken Rahl’s spirit and Darken Rahl has a special task for Triana but first he commands her to get rid of Cara.
  • Zedd volunteers to go ahead and journey to Aydindril in order to find out info on the Stone of Tears. Richard once again wants to search then slay the screeling with the help of the battalion while Kahlan stays behind to protect the town.
  • Cara and the other Mord Sith are out and about, but Triana and the others gang up on Cara, beat her up and take her agiel, and leave her for dead.
  • Triana and the other Mord Sith head to town and take as many of the young girls with them including Rachel.
  • Richard, Kahlan, and the battalion go out to save the children when they encounter Cara. Cara joins them as she wants revenge on her Mord Sith sisters but Kahlan questions Cara’s motives. Richard and the battalion decide to stage an attack to lure out the Mord Sith while Cara and Kahlan go and save the girls. The plan works. Then Cara goes after Triana and kills her with the agiel that Triana took from her.
  • On Zedd’s journey he encounters Shota. She saves him time by telling him the info he seeks from Aydindril but she also shares a prophecy. She tells Zedd that he needs to name a new Seeker because Richard Rahl (aka Richard Cypher) will fail in defeating the Keeper. She further tells him that there will be 3 signs which will tell him that she speaks the truth and they are: 1.) Richard will deny that which gives him power 2.) He will embrace the one in Red 3.) He where bear the mark of the one who would destroy all life. She adds that if Zedd doesn’t act then, the Keeper will win.
  • Richard, Kahlan, and the battalion return to town with the rescued girls. Zedd arrives and greets them and begins to tell Richard and Kahlan of his run in with Shota when the screeling returns. Richard is able to distract the creature as Zedd casts a spell and freezes the creature. Richard then slays the creature.
  • Richard is anxious to begin their journey to seek the Stone of Tears. Originally Richard was going to go to the People’s Palace to declare himself to be the new Lord Rahl but decides against it. This is the first sign…Richard has denied what would give him power. Richard then tells Kahlan that he and Zedd will escort her to Aydindril first, find the Stone next, and he’ll come back for Kahlan afterward. (Aww…). Cara declares that she will join Richard in his quest. Richard is hesitant but accepts, this is the second sign…he has embraced the one in Red.
  • Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara head to Aydindril but before they get there. Kahlan decides to stay with Richard in his journey to find the Stone of Tears. They make camp and while everyone is asleep, Richard is greeted by Darken Rahl’s spirit with a message that his efforts are futile and he will ultimately be for the Keeper. Darken Rahl then lays his hand on Richard’s chest which causes him pain. Richard suddenly wakes up from what seemed to be a bad dream but he holds his chest in pain and sees a hand print seared on his chest. This is the third sign, Richard bears the mark of the Keeper, the mark of the one who would destroy all of life.

*In the books, Darken Rahl is not Richard’s brother but Richard’s father. Check out my Book vs. Show post in order to find out the differences between the show and the first book, “Wizard’s First Rule”. On a random note, I thought the story line they came up with in regards to Panis Rahl disguising himself in order to fool Richard’s mother into having a relationship with him to be rather reminiscent of the movie “Excalibur”. In the film, Uther Pendragon convinces Merlin to cast a spell on him so that he can seduce someone’s wife. Oh well…creative liberties.

For more news, clips, and recaps related to the show – visit the “Legend of the Seeker” category section on this blog, or just click here.

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