Smallville Season 9: “Kandor”

Julian Sands as Jor-El and Callum Blue as Major Zod in "Smallville" -- Image via

Twenty years before Krypton was destroyed, Zod and his platoon were fighting on the battlefield as blood samples were being taken from the soldiers just when Kandor was destroyed. This is the memory that Zod retells to his platoon as he describes how Jor-El has betrayed them as he believes that Jor-El is the Red Blue Blur and flaunts around his powers while Zod and his platoon are left powerless.


At watchtower Chloe has found some intel from their mole (aka Stuart) that Tess has sent her people to search the desert to check out one of the kryptonian crop symbols that was left on earth [when the orb was opened]. Clark super speeds in and Chloe tells him this latest update. Clark shares with Chloe that he kissed Lois and she seemed to have left town. Chloe tells him not to take it personally as it is “typical Lois” to skip town when it comes to intimacy situations. Clark needs to head to the desert and Chloe went ahead and called Oliver so that they can fly out there on his private jet. Meanwhile Zod seeks out Tess for help to find Jor-El. Here are the rest of episode highlights:

  • Clark and Oliver head out in the desert with the coordinates that Chloe provided them and they find nothing but sand. Oliver questions their whereabouts but Clark says that the kryptonian crop symbols that were left on earth have extremely high heat indexes. In the desert, with that amount of heat combined with sand it would form glass. Clark then uses his super breath and blows away the sand to reveal the Superman “S”. Clark also finds his father’s dog tags.
  • Back at the Kent farm, Jor-El visits and it’s Chloe who greets him. However Jor-El doesn’t recollect that he has a son. How can this be you ask? It is because he is a clone. Before Krypton exploded, Jor-El was ordered by the Kryptonian council to collect blood samples (including his and Zod’s) and place them in an orb if in fact if something were to happen – their race would not be extinct and they could live amongst the humans. So the cloned Jor-El only had memories up to the point to when he was cloned (and not after). Therefore he wouldn’t have known he had a son and that Krypton was gone. Chloe tells Jor-El everything that has happened up to the present and she tells him more about Clark. They finish talking and there’s a noise in the barn and Jor-El knocks Chloe out with some sort of Kryptonian sleeper pinch and goes to check on the noise. Jor-El encounters some men with guns and he fights them off until he is tased and dragged away.
  • Jor-El wakes up in a wine cellar as Tess confronts him. She reveals to him that she opened the orb because she believed that the Kandorians can help save the human race from corruption. Jor-El says to her that the Kandorians are not like humans and not all of them would be so inclined to help man kind. Tess believes that if everyone were more like Clark they could indeed help. Jor-El made sure that none of the Kandorians would use their powers (from the sun) for evil so he stripped away their, that is the clones’ powers, using blue kryptonite so none of them could use their powers to rule the world. Although Zod does not have powers, Jor-El tells Tess that he (Zod) is a formidable foe and she should not underestimate him. Tess claims she wants to protect Clark [from Zod] and she convinces Jor-El to pretend to be the Red Blue Blur as Zod does not know that Clark exists then alone is Jor-El’s son. Tess then hands Jor-El ‘Blur’ attire (black shirt with Superman ‘S’).
  • Clark heads back to the farm and finds Chloe unconscious. When Chloe comes around, she tells Clark that Jor-El was there and he was the one who knocked her out. Chloe also reveals that she had cameras installed all around the Kent farm, which Clark didn’t know about because it was her way to keep track of the farm while Clark was away. Chloe then tells Clark, that Jor-El is a clone and that Zod was one of people released from the orb. She reviews the footage in order to find out where Jor-El could’ve have gone.
  • At the Luthor mansion, Zod visits Tess and asks if she had made progress on finding Jor-El. Tess tosses him a bone and shows the picture of the Kryptonian crop symbol (Superman ‘S’) with a person lying in it. Zod believes they should celebrate and he sort of comes onto Tess, but Tess tells him she is not interested. Then Zod changes the subject and says that he has enjoyed discovering wine and that he likes drinking it. He starts walking out but pauses and reveals that he has kidnapped Jor-El from her wine cellar. Tess then throws a wine glass at him and when he leaves she lifts up her head and has an evil smirk on her face. (Hmm…seems like Tess is playing both sides.)
  • Back at the farm, Chloe discovers that Jor-El was abducted by Tess’s men and Clark is furious and Oliver offers to talk to Tess and Chloe agrees it’s better to approach Tess in a more rational manner. Clark doesn’t seem to like their plan and super speeds away.
  • Meanwhile Zod is torturing Jor-El demanding him to them how he has powers. Zod then relives their last meeting which was pretty tense. Zod had a few hairs from his son who died when Kandor was destroyed and he wanted Jor-El to use his son’s hairs in order to bring him back. Jor-El refused even though it was Zod who once helped Jor-El from being executed many years ago. Back to the present, Jor-El reveals to Zod that they are all clones and that when the orb was created, his former self stripped them of their powers and goes into detail about what happened to Krypton and that they all lived their lives and some had families and that he (Zod, not his clone) betrayed Krypton and became a ruthless villain. Zod doesn’t believe Jor-El and then replays Jor-El’s words and realizes that he is hiding something or rather someone because how else would he know about some of the Kandorians having families and such. Zod walks away and tells his platoon members to release Jor-El hoping it would lead them to the one they are seeking…the person who holds the key to their powers…Jor-El’s son (aka Clark).
  • Clark visits the Luthor mansion and demands Tess to tell him the whereabouts of his father. Tess tells Clark that Zod abducted Jor-El but she put a tracking device on his clothes. She performs a trace and finds that Jor-El is on the Kent farm. Clark leaves and super speeds back to the farm and in the distance he finds Jor-El. Clark super speeds to him and finds him bleeding profusely and holds him. Jor-El tells Clark that he is proud of him and he tells him to save Zod before he dies in Clark’s arms.
  • Clark tells Chloe that he isn’t sure that he can save Zod after all that has happened and what he knows of Zod. While Clark isn’t looking Chloe reviews more of the surveillance footage and she finds that Jor-El retrieved some object from a hiding place in the house. (The episode does not reveal what the object exactly is)
  • Clark buries his father and uses his heat vision to burn the Superman ‘S’ (aka the House of El symbol) on his father’s tombstone as Zod looks at Clark from afar.

Next week’s episode is entitled “Idol”. The Wonder Twins are stopping by in Metropolis, which is causing some problems for Clark. Also Lois is back! Watch the preview for “Idol” here.

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