Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Baneling”

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Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlan (Bridget Regan), Zedd (Bruce Spence), and Cara (Tabrett Bethell) begin their search for the Stone of Tears, however, Zedd and Kahlan are still getting use to the idea of a Mord Sith joining their quest. Zedd reassures Kahlan that if Richard trusts Cara, then they have to trust the Seeker’s judgment.


Richard is observing the mark of the Keeper on his chest when Kahlan comes and asks if the mark hurts. Richard says that “it’s nothing”, but Kahlan points out that when a spirit sends you a message from beyond the grave, it isn’t exactly something you can ignore. Richard is determined and reiterates their mission is to find the Stone of Tears and repair the veil. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara head to a death camp in order to search for the Abbot. Meanwhile at the death camp, D’Haran soldiers are executing people and one particular D’Haran soldier questions the D’Haran General (aka The Butcher) their purpose for continuing these acts when the war was over. More hangings are about to take place when Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara storm the camp and fight and kill many of the D’Haran soldiers. Richard talks to the locals and they inquire about the Abbot of Ulrich but no one seems to know where he is. Richard then talks to one of the D’Haran soldiers and he tells Richard that the General had the Abbot executed which he tried to stop but he failed to do so. Since the Abbot is dead, Cara suggests they leave but Richard says that they can’t because the people there were scared and sick and tells Cara they should bury the bodies. When the General’s body is buried, the General wakes up in the Underworld and is greeted by Darken Rahl (Craig Parker) informing him that the Keeper would like to make him an offer.
  • Kahlan makes an announcement to the people in the camp that those who are strong enough to leave are welcome to and those who are not, they will be setting up a camp just outside of the death camp. The people are scared and they are not sure where to go as Cara discloses some of the places they wish to go are already destroyed. Kahlan advises Cara to be more compassionate.
  • A monk approaches Richard as he heard they were inquiring about Abbot Henry whom he was in the same parish with. Richard and Kahlan talk to the monk and they tell him about the tear in the veil and they seek Abbot Henry’s help as they heard he knew the location of the Stone of Tears. The monk mentions that the monks where a locket which is passed down from Abbot to Abbot and when they came to the death camp, the locket was taken. Richard talks to one of the soldiers and he tells them that anything valuable was collected in one box because the butcher’s plan was to leave with the riches to make new lives for him and his men. They open the treasure box and find a dead body in it. The treasure was earlier stolen by a boy claiming he wanted to bury his brother and convinces Cara to lend him a horse in order to do so.
  • Away from camp, the boy opens the treasure and finds the locket and opens it. Ink spills onto his hand and it forms a symbol which doesn’t come off. The boy takes some money and hides the treasure in the forest and ventures off. Meanwhile back at camp Richard and Kahlan talk to Cara and she confirms that she lent a horse to a boy who wanted to bury his brother because Kahlan told her to be more compassionate. Suddenly screams are heard nearby and Richard and Kahlan discover many slain people and the monk who found them explains that he came to give them food and it was the work of he butcher [who killed all of those people].
  • All of the people gather in the camp’s dungeon for protection and Kahlan locks the door and assigns one of the men to stand watch. No one is allowed to go in or out and she hands hims one of her daggers for protection. Richard assigns Cara to find the boy who took the treasure while Zedd and Richard investigate the butcher’s grave.
  • The butcher’s grave along with the other D’Haran soldiers killed were empty and somehow they clawed their way out. Richard asks Zedd if the Keeper or Darken Rahl had the power to bring people back to life and Zedd doesn’t rule it out, but he said that a Mord Sith had the ability to bring them back from the dead. Richard then says that Cara is with them and she wouldn’t come all this way to just revive all of these soldiers with the breath of life. Suddenly a monk appears from the shadows and identifies himself as Abbot Henry.
  • Back at the camp, the Abbot explains that when he died he awoke in the underworld and was greeted by Darken Rahl and was given an offer by the Keeper to return to the world of the living at an awful price and Zedd deduces that the Keeper made the Abbot into a baneling which is a dead soul that bargains for life in exchange for killing others. The Abbot only agreed to take the offer in order to secure the locket which was taken from him but just as Richard asked about it, the Abbot was being called back to the underworld (starts decaying) because he hadn’t killed anyone yet. Kahlan tries to ask what to do with the locket but the Abbot explains he spent years learning the rituals that he would need to pass on and there was simply not enough time. Richard says that they need to buy him time and instructs him that he needs to kill someone.
  • Richard, Kahlan, and the Abbot head to the dungeon and Richard instructs the Abbot he needs to do this and that he would be killing a D’Haran solider. The Abbot is unsure he can perform the deed and when they open the cell door they find that all of the D’Haran soldiers have been killed.
  • The Abbot quickly explains that the one who opens the locket will have a rune imprinted on his hand. They need to take the rune to the Province of Pomora because the rune is a key that would open something but before he says what he dies.
  • We find the rune bearing boy with some girls when Cara interrupts them. The girls leave and Cara inquires about the treasure. The rune bearing boy refuses to speak and when Cara threatens him with torture, he says that he can take the pain. Cara then turns on the charm and comes onto the boy and he immediately tells her where the treasure is and tells the boy to take her to it. Meanwhile Richard and Kahlan try to determine what the rune is the key for when Kahlan deduces that one of the resistance fighters had the key to the dungeon (the person she assigned to keep watch) and he perhaps killed all of the D’Harans. Cara comes back with the boy and they realize they need him to come with them to Pomora. Cara locks him up in a room in order to keep him safe meanwhile Kahlan finds the man whom she thought killed the D’Harans but it turns out he didn’t kill them and he returns her dagger to her which is pristinely clean.
  • Some noises occur in the night and the rune bearing boy awakes and heads to the door. When it opens a crazed woman starts stabbing him. Richard and Cara check on him but he is found dead. The key to the Stone of Tears was gone! The boy wakes up in the underworld and Darken Rahl greets him and offers him the Keeper’s offer (to become a baneling), which is to kill in exchange for life. Darken Rahl then notices the rune on his hand but the boy begins to disappear and we find Cara has given him the breath of life. The boy is clearly frightened as he tells Richard his run in with Darken Rahl but he manages to tell them who killed him. We find Kahlan talking to a woman, who was a baneling and she was the daughter of a blacksmith that is how she had copies of the keys. The woman took the Keeper’s offer so she could watch over her son William and in the beginning she killed only D’Harans but now she was starting to kill innocent people. Kahlan locks her up but the woman pleads with her to have someone watch over her son. Richard and Cara set out to look for the butcher and his men.
  • Off somewhere the butcher and his men are killing people and then Darken Rahl emerges from a fire and gives them the task to find the one who bears the rune. The rune is the key to find the Stone of Tears and with it the veil could be repaired which wouldn’t be good for the Keeper, Darken Rahl, and all banelings.
  • The banelings return to the camp and they try to break down the gate because they want the person who bears the rune. Richard instructs Kahlan and Zedd to get the remaining people out of there and just as the banelings enter the camp Richard fires a fire-bearing arrow at them and the banelings catch fire and they die and the whole place burns down as well.
  • Zedd hands out the treasure to the survivors so they can begin to rebuild their lives. The rune bearing boy talks to Cara in order to see if they could finish their unfinished business but Cara stings him with her agiel. (Ouch!) Afterward…the crazed woman’s son William is taken by one of the monks so that they can find him a new home. On the way William stops and when the monk checks on him, William’s hands start to decay and he kills the monk. Yikes! William was a baneling!

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