Smallville Season 9: “Pandora”

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Lois is rushed to the hospital after experiencing an overload of flashes from the future. While Lois is in the hospital, Tess kidnaps her in order to find out what happened to her when she disappeared for weeks.


Off in a Luthor Corp. facility Tess notices Zod’s power tower in Lois’s memories, so with the help of Stuart – she decides to tap into Lois’s memory in order to find out if Zod’s tower would in fact change the world as stated by Zod. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Lois’s first memory she relives is waking up in the future. There’s a red sun and as she wanders she encounters one of Zod’s men (who flies over to her) and confronts her. Major Zod is now General Zod, and the Blur is gone as his signature black T-shirt is torn and hung from a pole as some sort of trophy.
  • Back to the present, Clark heads to watchtower and confronts Chloe as he thinks Chloe is hiding Lois. Chloe informs him that his accusations are outrageous and that he should work on an apology later. Chloe requested Lois’s medical records and finds that Lois is suffering from post-dramatic stress disorder and every time she relives a memory from the future, her body relives the trauma and her heart can only take so much. Clark and Chloe figure out that Tess is the one who kidnapped Lois due to her obsession in finding out the truth behind Lois’s disappearance.
  • Lois is taken to the Kent farm which has turned into a prison (in the future). She wanders around and runs into the ninja assassin, Alia (Monique Ganderton), who is guarding the prison. Lois requests food, but Alia asks what can she trade [in exchange for food] when Clark steps in and offers his father’s watch. Alia accepts and walks away. Lois and Clark hug and Lois asks him why she gave away his father’s watch, and Clark responds that he did it for her. (Aww…) Lois believes she is in a dream, but Clark informs her that she wasn’t dreaming and that he hasn’t seen her since she disappeared 1 year ago. Lois tells Clark that the last memory she had was fighting Tess and putting on a ring. Clark realizes she is talking about the Legion ring and that she time traveled [to the future] and asks her if she still had the ring. She says she does just when Alia comes back and tells Lois that Zod has requested to see her. Before Lois departs, Clark tells her to guard the Legion ring!
  • Lois is taken to the Luthor mansion. She eyes a table full of food and treats and runs and grabs something to eat. General Zod appears and advises her to try the truffle as it is his favorite. Lois picks up a truffle and is about to take a bite when Zod takes it from her hand and takes a bite in front of her. He finds the Legion ring in her pocket and takes it. He then asks her about Clark when Tess enters in soldier attire. Tess tells Zod that Lois use to work for her. Lois is extremely upset because Tess chose to side with Zod and his people. Tess admits that she helped Zod gain power because she believes that Zod and his people will save humanity. Zod then makes a reference back to Clark stating that Clark is only alive because he has always hoped that Clark would join him in the hopes of bridging the gap between the humans and his people. Tess adds that she has tried her best to convince Clark to join them, but it seems their efforts are fruitless. Zod has given up on Clark and decides to execute Lois and Clark. (Oh no!)
  • Before the execution, Zod presents Tess with dog tags as way to initiate her into his army. Clark is brought to the Luthor mansion and he pleads with Zod to spare Lois’s life and take his life. Zod’s people force Clark to kneel before him as Zod grabs a sword. Zod is about to chop Clark’s head off when a gang of rebels dressed in black drop in and start shooting kryptonite arrows. Zod and some of his people (including Fiona) manage to escape afterward Oliver approaches Lois. Lois and Oliver hug and Chloe comes over and hugs Lois too. Clark joins them and thanks Chloe and Oliver for saving their lives. There is some tension between Clark and Chloe. During the save attempt, Tess was shot with one of the arrows. Oliver approaches her, and Tess admits that she took a risk siding with Zod. Tess dies in Oliver’s arms. Chloe approaches Oliver and tells him that she had the shot and she took it.
  • Oliver buries Tess as Lois looks on just when present day Tess wakes up and hyperventilates a bit after seeing her fate. She tells Stuart that Chloe kills her (in the future) and Stuart jests that he doesn’t know what she saw but she was very much alive in the present. Tess believes that Lois’s memories are too dangerous for anyone else to discover and demands Stuart to erase Lois’s memories of the future. Stuart tells her that if he attempts to erase Lois’s memories and makes a mistake, Lois could become catatonic. Tess demands Stuart to obey her request but Stuart refuses and Tess shoots him. Tess heads to the computer in order to erase Lois’s memories when Clark superspeeds in but is weakened by the kryptonite powered equipment. Tess plays the innocent victim and tries to blame everything on Stuart but Clark shoves her aside and Tess is knocked out cold.
  • Clark takes out one of Lois’s brain taps out but he accidentally sticks himself with it and falls to the ground (because kryptonite is now shooting into his body). Clark is now tapped into Lois’s mind and he experiences her next memory.
  • Lois explains to Chloe and Oliver that she traveled to their time with the Legion ring and now Zod had the ring. Clark realizes they need to send Lois back to her time in order to warn their past selves how to prevent this future from becoming a reality. Chloe devises a plan to use watchtower to take down Zod’s tower because it is what is causing the red sun which in turn has given the Kandorians their powers. Clark chimes in that if Chloe is able to take down Zod’s tower and bring back the yellow sun, he is their best chance against Zod. Lois is confused how bringing back the yellow sun would make Clark their “#1 draft pick”, but no one elaborates. Clark responds and says that he and Zod have a history.
  • Later at Clark’s place, he splashes some water on his face when Lois enters. Clark asks if she was alright and Lois recounts the day of time traveling to a not so bright future, witnessing flying aliens taking over the earth, and almost getting her head chopped off. She then admits that the one fact she cannot believe is that Chloe and Clark were not friends anymore (in the future). Clark admits that once Lois disappeared, he couldn’t be around Chloe and Oliver anymore because it reminded him of her and that hurt too much. Lois approaches Clark and asks about the history he and Zod shared, but he dodges the question and says that he has made some mistakes in the past. Lois and Clark kiss and they make love to each other. Watch this scene here.
  • Dr. Hamilton and Chloe find Clark in the Luthor Corp. Lab as Dr. Hamilton examines Clark who is unresponsive. Chloe has called an ambulance and reports that Stuart lost a lot of blood but he will make a full recovery. Tess is expected to recover too. Dr. Hamilton begins to attempt to disconnect Clark from Lois’s mind, but Chloe dissuades him because Lois’s memories may help Clark prevent the world’s destruction.
  • Lois experiences another memory and it’s of her, Chloe, and Oliver heading to watchtower. Chloe boots up the computers and proceeds to upload a virus into Zod’s network in order to take down the tower. Oliver suits up in his Green Arrow outfit as Chloe finishes up. Oliver and Lois prepare to leave when Lois turns to Chloe. Chloe assures her that she’ll be right behind them and tells them to go on ahead. Before they leave, Oliver hands Lois a kryptonite knife (with a lead cover) so that she can protect herself. Lois heads outside and ducks behind a car. Chloe comes out and starts running toward Lois but before she can reach her, she is cut off by Alia. Alia takes out her sword and stabs Chloe. Oliver drives Alia away by pointing his bow towards her and she superspeeds away. Lois runs to Chloe but Chloe dies in her arms. Oliver tells Lois that they need to get the Legion ring back so that Lois can go back and help prevent a future like this to ever happen. Lois runs off ahead while Oliver stands watch. Oliver prepares himself as the sky is filled with Kandorians flying above and all of them are coming toward Oliver.
  • Meanwhile, Zod is dragging Clark across the ground and asks why don’t the humans just give in and concede to his rule. Clark tells Zod that humans are resilient and they will not concede so easily. Lois catches up to Zod and Clark and she throws Clark the kryptonite knife toward him as she tries to remain unseen. Zod steps on Clark’s hand which is grasping the knife. Zod lowers his head and looks at Clark and says: “goodbye son of Jor-El” and he delivers a kicks that sends Clark soaring. Lois starts to run towards Clark but Zod grabs her. All of the sudden, Zod’s tower powers down and the yellow sun appears. Lois gets away as Zod is still in a state of shock that his tower is offline as Clark approaches him. Clark then tells Zod that his reign of terror is over. Zod is furious and tells Clark that he (Clark that is) forced his hand, which in turn caused him to unleash his power. Zod then stabs Clark with the kryptonite knife. Clark takes the Legion ring from Zod and gives him a good shove which sends Zod sailing and landing with a big thud to the ground.
  • Clark pulls out the kryptonite knife as Lois runs to him. Clark instructs Lois to put the Legion ring on so that she can head back to her time. Lois is afraid that she’ll never see Clark ever again. Clark assures her that she will and they kiss. They both stand and Clark places the ring on Lois’s hand when Alia spots them and runs toward Lois and she is able to touch the ring and hitch a ride with Lois back to her time.
  • Flashes occur of Lois’s arrival back to the present when Alia attacked Lois on the train (which is how the Season 9 premiere opened) just when Clark wakes up. Clark asks if Lois is ok and Chloe assures him that she is ok and that Dr. Hamilton was able to erase her memories from the future as well as the medical problems that was plaguing her due to the post-dramatic stress episodes she experienced [from having these future flashbacks].
  • At the Planet, Clark hands Lois a maple doughnut which she happily eats. Lois notes concern on Clark’s face and repeats her doctor’s prognosis was that she’s hypoglycemic and as long as she eats every 3 hours – she’ll be fine. Clark tells her that he almost lost her once and he wasn’t going to let it happen again. Lois starts to push papers when Clark asks her what exactly is going on between the two of them. Lois is a little flabbergasted and tells Clark to slow down. She elaborates and says that she has had bad relationships before and she didn’t want to mess things up again. Clark says that they should make “dating” work for them and they should take their time. Lois agrees and says that they should start by going out for coffee followed by numerous lunch dates and she insists that Clark take her to a monster truck rally one day. The elevator arrives and they both get in and before the elevator door closes, Lois holds Clark’s hand.
  • Later, Clark enters watchtower smiling. Oliver jokes that Clark seems awfully chipper for someone that took at large dose of kryptonite. Clark responds and says that the sun is shining, Lois is going to recover, and all is well. Chloe enters the room and makes it a point to mention that no one seemed to be worried that they’re all going to suffer horrible deaths in the not so distant future. Clark points out that they can do something now in order to prevent the future he saw ever happen. Oliver suggests that they take Zod out now, but Clark says no because the future he saw had him treat Zod as the enemy which caused Zod to fight back with a vengeance. Clark makes a decision that he will befriend Zod so that Zod can see how great life on Earth could be. Chloe advises against that notion but Clark’s mind is set. Clark then repeats his father’s last words to “save Zod” which he has now interpreted as saving Zod from himself.
  • Zod is addressing his solders and tells them that his tower must be built. He assigns one person to find out what building regulations they need to abide by to insure that they can begin building the tower, he assigns another person to find out the energy requirements needed for the tower, he’s about to assign a job to Alia when Clark drops in wearing his Blur attire. He addresses Zod and says that he has heard that he (Zod) has been looking for him. Zod turns to Clark and looks happy (in a sinister way) that Clark has finally come to see them. Zod commands his troops to kneel before Kal-El and they all do (minus Zod) and the gesture catches Clark by surprise.

This was the last episode for the year. The next all-new episode for Smallville will air on January 22, 2010.

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