Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Broken”

Tabrett Bethell as Mistress Cara -- Image via Legend of the Seeker Website

Kahlan (Bridget Regan) receives a message (in her dreams) from a dream catcher warning her that she will soon be the last of her kind. She takes it as a sign to visit her sister, however, Cara (Tabrett Bethell) tries to discourage her notions from straying from their mission. “Broken” is the third episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.


Cara shares that while under the rule of Darken Rahl, Cara and her sisters killed everyone on Valeria (the island where Kahlan’s sister went to). This information sends Kahlan in a fit of rage and thus bringing on the Con Dar. Richard sends Cara away so that she can escape Kahlan’s wrath, but once Kahlan calms down she vows she would kill Cara the next time they met. During all of the commotion, Flynn (Michael Whalley) runs off so now Richard, Zedd, and Kahlan must find Flynn. Meanwhile Cara returns to her hometown village and seeks her sister. However the local townspeople discover her identity as a Mord Sith and they capture her and put her on trial for her past actions. The townspeople call upon Kahlan, the Mother Confessor, to serve as the judge for Cara’s case. It is up to the Seeker to speak on Cara’s behalf in order to ensure a fair trial as Kahlan’s judgment may not be sound in lieu of the news that Cara killed Kahlan’s sister Dennee. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Kahlan decides that the jury for Cara’s trial will be made up of three of the town’s elders. If convicted, the result would be death by confession. Confession works differently on a Mord Sith, and if confessed – it would result in death.
  • Meanwhile, Zedd goes in search of Flynn who is pick pocketing in a village but is caught by a portly tradesman/merchant. It is the tradesman idea to find the Stone of Tears and sell it. Flynn goes along with the tradesman’s idea in order to avoid going to jail.
  • Richard tends to prove that Cara has changed and that she is a different person than the one who use to serve Darken Rahl. Also that Cara is a victim of the Mord Sith herself because as a child, before one becomes a Mord Sith – they are first broken.
  • Those who’ve attended the trial relive the tale of how Cara became a Mord Sith. Including how she was taken from her family when she was 9, tortured, and finally her admittance of killing her own father which is the final test before one becomes a Mord Sith. Before Cara killed her father, the Mord Sith reveal that her father sold her to the Mord Sith.
  • Richard tries to relate the torture he suffered when he was captured by the Mord Sith (Denna) to the people at the trial to show that Cara was manipulated by the Mord Sith which turned her into what she is today because the torture she suffered as a child gave her no choice in her fate. Cara’s pride prevents her from showing her real emotions as she sticks up for her fellow Mord Sith sisters, but Richard quickly points out that her sisters were the ones who beat her and left her for dead. Richard continues to try to get remorse out of Cara and to prove that she is sorry for killing her father, and that the Mord Sith took her life from her. Cara continues to hide her true feelings when the trial is interrupted by Cara’s former school teacher who pleads on her behalf and recollects for everyone Cara’s docile manner before she was taken away by the Mord Sith. The trial is put on hold as Kahlan requests to talk to Richard in private. Kahlan reveals to Richard that she didn’t trust the school teacher because she could not read her. The only people Kahlan could not read were Mord Sith due to their training. (The plot thickens…)
  • Cara reveals the school teacher was a Mord Sith and not just any Mord Sith, but the woman who “trained” her to become a Mord Sith. The school teacher is arrested and it is revealed that she was responsible for the disappearance of 12 girls from the town over the years.
  • The elders have made their decision and they have decided to sentence both the school teacher and Cara to death by confession.
  • Meanwhile Flynn and the tradesman are drinking by a fire. Flynn keeps yammering on and drinking when all of a sudden he becomes paralyzed. The tradesman slipped something in Flynn’s drink because he wants to chop off Flynn’s rune bearing hand. Before the tradesman gets ready to chop, there is a noise in the bushes. Flynn starts to call for help but the tradesman gags him to investigate the sounds. When the tradesman disappears into the bushes and out of Flynn’s site…we find out it was Zedd in disguise! Zedd then comes out of the bushes and pretends to save Flynn.
  • The school teacher is confessed by Kahlan first. The school teacher admits some facts about Cara’s father. She admits that she tortured Cara’s father for weeks as they wanted him to tell Cara that he sold her to the Mord Sith. Cara’s father wouldn’t admit to such a lie so the Mord Sith burned his throat which took away his ability to speak. So when Cara’s father was questioned in front of her (Cara) in regards to whether or not he sold her to the Mord Sith, he wasn’t able to speak the truth. The school teacher dies afterward.
  • Cara is saddened but she instructs Kahlan to confess her because she felt (Cara) that she deserved it.
  • Kahlan places her hand on Cara’s throat, but Cara then sheds a tear. Kahlan looks at her and takes her hand away and tells the townspeople that she has seen Cara’s remorse and she has decided that Cara doesn’t deserve the fate the town has deemed on her and has overruled their decision.
  • The townspeople are upset and decide that they will take matters into their own hands and they attempt to kill Cara. Richard and Kahlan fight off a few townspeople but they cease fighting when one of the townspeople point a crossbow right at Kahlan demanding her to confess Cara or else he’ll kill Kahlan and then Cara finally. In a swift move, Richard breaks Cara’s restraints and Cara kicks the crossbow out of that guy’s hands. Richard then corners him and announces to the townspeople that the Mother Confessor’s word is final!
  • Kahlan is off collecting her thoughts when Richard approaches her. She asks the whereabouts of Cara, and Richard tells her that he and Cara decided that it would be best that Cara went her separate way so that Kahlan wouldn’t be reminded of what Cara has done. Kahlan is conflicted because Cara saved her life. Richard thanks Kahlan for being fair and for sparing Cara’s life even after learning the fact that Cara killed Kahlan’s sister Dennee. Kahlan recalls the thoughts that ran through her head when the crossbow was pointed at her which made her think of the dream catcher’s message. If Kahlan dies, the line of the confessors will perish. Richard reassures Kahlan and tells her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.
  • Zedd and Flynn rejoin Richard and Kahlan. Flynn is all hugs for everyone seeing that he thought he was going to die by the hands of the tradesman (who was Zedd in disguise).
  • Cara packs her things and her and sister have a heartfelt moment and Cara promises her sister they will see each other again.
  • Kahlan and the others approach Cara. Kahlan asks Cara to rejoin their quest because if something ever happened to her, she wanted Cara to protect Richard. However, Kahlan states she would never forgive Cara for what she did.

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  2. it was good movies we are waiting 4 season 3.

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