Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Touched”

Guest star Aimee Teegarden as Annabelle and Bridget Regan as Kahlan Amnell -- Image via Legend of the Seeker Website

Kahlan (Bridget Regan) requests the help of night wisps in order to find more confessors. The night wisps find Annabelle played by guest star Aimee Teegarden (“Friday Night Lights”) who seems to be held captive in a tall tower. Richard (Craig Horner), Flynn (Michael Whalley), and Kahlan go on ahead in order to seek the girl, while Cara (Tabrett Bethell) and Zedd (Bruce Spence) head to Pomora to investigate the place that might hold the Stone of Tears. “Touched” is the fourth episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.


Richard, Kahlan, and Flynn are able to locate the place the night wisp spoke of and find that the girl they seek, Annabelle, was taken shortly after her father was poisoned by one of the servants, Tharla. The housekeeper explains in detail the origin of Annabelle’s parentage. Annabelle’s father was a D’Haran soldier who was confessed in battle by a confessor named Josephine. Before her father, Lord Callum, was confessed he was betrothed to a duchess whom he loved dearly. Although once he was confessed, Josephine took Annabelle’s father as her mate. Josephine died shortly after giving birth to Annabelle and thus releasing Annabelle’s father from her magic. Once Annabelle’s father was released, he realized all that he lost before he was confessed and he vowed that his daughter would not be given the chance to use her powers on another so he hid her from the world. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Meanwhile Annabelle is brought to a cave. Tharla brings Annabelle to a sorcerer in exchange for money. The sorcerer conducts a test and uses a quillion to absorb some of Annabelle’s magic. He then uses some of the extracted magic and mixes it with his own blood. He dips a quill into the mixture and sticks someone with it and instantly that person became confessed. He orders the confessed soul to kill Tharla. Afterward Richard and Kahlan arrive to save Annabelle. Richard and Kahlan tell Annabelle to run (out of the cave) while they deal with the sorcerer’s lackeys. One of the lackeys follow Annabelle but Flynn knocks him out. Meanwhile in the cave, Richard and Kahlan continue to fight the baddies but the sorcerer escapes. Outside Annabelle and Flynn look longingly at each other, she touches his face and long and behold Flynn is suddenly confessed just as Kahlan and Richard rush out of the cave.
  • Kahlan explains to Annabelle that she is a confessor and that she needs to go to Aydindril in order to be trained how to control her powers. Richard and Kahlan tell Annabelle that her father never told her of her powers and sadly he has died. Annabelle realizes that Tharla poisoned her father so that she can be sold to the sorcerer. Richard explains that the sorcerer wanted to take Annabelle’s powers but she’s safe in their company.
  • Zedd and Cara are in Pomora and they find that the Stone of Tears may be buried in a tomb and the rune (the symbol on Flynn’s hand) is the key to the tomb. Darken Rahl has sent his men to try and open the tomb but they’ve failed countless of times. Now the tomb is guarded by banelings as Darken Rahl believes that the rune bearer would show up to the tomb someday.
  • Richard, Kahlan, Flynn, and Annabelle have made camp for the night. Richard and Kahlan talk about how getting Flynn to Pomora may be difficult now that he is confessed. While Flynn and Annabelle chat about her dreams to see the world. Annabelle discusses with Flynn how she doesn’t want to leave his side but Kahlan said that she had to go to Aydindril while he assists Richard in Pomora. Kahlan declares that everyone should get some sleep. Flynn fetches some firewood but he comes back with a arrow stabbed in his shoulder stating that the sorcerer has returned. Richard and Kahlan investigate but find nothing and when they return the horses are gone and that Flynn and Annabelle have fled.
  • Richard and Kahlan go looking for Annabelle and Flynn. Meanwhile Flynn and Annabelle come across some bad men and she confesses one of them.
  • Zedd and Cara head to the site of the tomb and they see banelings guarding it. Zedd explains to Cara that the only way to get rid of them and ensure that they don’t rise from the dead again is to burn them. Cara acknowledges the plan and tells Zedd to use his wizard’s fire on them, however Zedd is hesitant which Cara notes because it occurs to him that Cara might use her Mord Sith powers to turn his magic against him. He shares his notion that Cara may want to steal the Stone of Tears but Cara defends herself and says that wasn’t her intention. Suddenly the banelings spot Zedd and Cara and Zedd has no choice but to use his magic to get rid of the banelings with Cara’s help.
  • Richard and Kahlan find Flynn and Annabelle sitting around a camp fire with a bunch of men. Richard suggest that they need to head toward Pomora, but the men attack Richard and Kahlan while Annabelle and Flynn run toward the horses. Flynn tells Annabelle that no matter where they go, Richard and Kahlan will find them. Richard and Kahlan are still engaged in battle when Annabelle confesses Richard. Kahlan tries to stop it, but it is too late. Richard is confessed!
  • Kahlan attempts to kill Annabelle in order to release Richard from her magic but Richard stops her. Kahlan then threatens to kill Flynn and convinces Annabelle to instruct Flynn and Richard to go with her to Pomora.
  • Later they all meet up with Zedd and Cara in Pomora. Kahlan explains to Zedd and Cara the dilemma of Richard being confessed while the rest of them are out of earshot. Kahlan then takes Annabelle away from Richard and Flynn while Zedd casts a magical shield to hold back Flynn and Richard. Richard pleads with Kahlan not to kill Annabelle and he offers an alternate plan. He suggests to find the sorcerer who tried to take her in the first place, and use his quillion to take away Annabelle’s powers which would spare her life and possibly release the hold she had on Richard and Flynn. Cara chimes in and says that they are going to great lengths to save Annabelle while putting them all in danger and volunteers to off Annabelle herself. Kahlan stops her and says that Richard once went through a lot trouble to save her (Cara’s) life, so they are going to give Richard’s plan a try. Cara then asks Kahlan what will they do if the plan fails, and Kahlan responds that she’ll “do what needs to be done” but per Zedd’s suggestion – they’re going to the tomb first.
  • The tomb opens when Flynn faces his rune bearing hand toward it. Inside they find a locket similar to the one Flynn opened in the episode “Baneling”, which is how he got the rune inked on his hand in the first place. They decide that Richard should be the one to open it, but they to find the quillion so that they can use it to drain Annabelle’s powers away and thus release Richard from her magic.
  • Kahlan decides that she and Cara will go after the quillion, but before they head to the sorcerer’s cave they needed a story that looked convincing. So Kahlan has Cara use her agiel on her. Afterward Cara carries Kahlan on her shoulder to the sorcerer’s cave and offers the sorcerer the Mother Confessor in exchange for money. The sorcerer is wary as he believes that Kahlan might be dead. Cara assures him that she’s alive and that he can check for himself. The sorcerer takes a closer look at Kahlan, but is caught off guard when Kahlan springs awake and she is able to confess him while Cara holds off the sorcerer’s guards. Kahlan then instructs the sorcerer to call off his guards and give her the quillion.
  • Before they take away Annabelle’s powers, she suggests to Kahlan that she (Kahlan that is) should mate with Richard. Since Richard was confessed, Kahlan’s powers wouldn’t work on him and hopefully she could bear his child and continue the line of confessors. After everything is said and done, then they could use the quillion on her (Annabelle) and Richard would return to normal. Zedd actually advocates the idea as strange as it sounds.
  • Annabelle instructs Richard to make love to Kahlan. Kahlan is nervous as she waits for Richard. They kiss and make out a bit but she stops him and asks him if he was doing this because he was told to, and he answers yes. Kahlan then decides she can’t go through with it.
  • Kahlan explains to Annabelle she couldn’t go through with it because Richard would never use magic to force someone to do something against their will. Annabelle tries to rationalize the situation and states that Richard would want to be with Kahlan if he wasn’t confessed. Kahlan responds that since he was confessed she couldn’t make that decision for him or make him a father without his blessing. Kahlan further explains the reasons why confessors don’t chose someone they love as their mates. They use the qullion on Annabelle and it works. Both Flynn and Richard are released from Annabelle’s magic. Since Flynn’s job was done he volunteers to escort Annabelle to where ever she needs to go and they ride off together.
  • Kahlan takes a moment to realize that she is the last confessor when Richard approaches her. Richard reassures her that she is not alone and they have one another (including Zedd and Cara). Richard then takes a moment and expresses to Kahlan that he understood why she couldn’t go through with “the plan” but part of him wished she would of. Kahlan tells Richard she wished she could’ve too.
  • Zedd and Cara approach Richard and Kahlan. Zedd hands Richard the locket. Richard opens it and it appears to be a compass. A compass that may lead them to the Stone of Tears!

Next week Shota is back in an episode titled “Wizard”.

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  1. The backstory with Lord Callum is infinitely more interesting than the story it is in service of. What must it have been like to be mind murdered, a zombie for 9 months or more and raped by magic at least once.

    Then there would be the question of what to do with the baby cursed with terrible powers? Logically she would have accidentally destroyed Lord Callum and the servants when the power grew in her – it’s not like any non-confessor could teach her restraint.

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