Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Wizard”

Bruce Spence as Zeddicus Zul Zorander -- Image via Legend of the Seeker Website

Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlan (Bridget Regan), Cara (Tabrett Bethell), and Zedd continue their quest for the Stone of Tears with the help of the compass they found in the tomb in Pomora. The group stops momentarily when Zedd picks a persimmon from a tree, which happens to be his favorite fruit. He devours it, but suddenly Zedd starts to lose his memories. Zedd is a little confused but he is able to tell Richard and Kahlan what they can gather in order to reverse the memory loss. Before he completely loses his memory, Zedd reveals that there is only one person that can conjure a spell strong enough to affect a Wizard of the First Order and that person was Shota. “Wizard” is the fifth episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.


A confused Zedd runs off and Richard asks Cara to find him since Zedd’s magic would not work on a Mord Sith while he and Kahlan gather the ingredients needed to help Zedd get his memory back. Zedd ends up in a brothel where he eyes a courtesan named Salindra (Helena Mattsson). He conjures a spell to produce more money, but it is not enough to catch Salindra’s eye plus she tells Zedd that he is too old for her. Cara arrives and breaks up the party and just when she’s about to touch Zedd with her Agiel, he disappears. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Zedd finds himself in the presence of Shota (Danielle Cormack). Shota wants Zedd to name a new Seeker because prophecy has shown that Richard Cypher will fail in the quest of defeating the Keeper. A Wizard of the First Order is the only one that can name a new Seeker, so that is why she took away Zedd’s memories because she wants him to do what is right. She restores Zedd’s knowledge of magic and his youth (Gabriel Mann plays Young Zedd), but before they name a new Seeker they need the Sword of Truth.
  • Meanwhile Richard and Kahlan find a magical creature for which they need its hoof. They encounter some men who work for a man named Drago (Craig Hall), and they inform Richard and Kahlan that they were poaching. Richard and Kahlan apologize, but the men start to attack. Shota and Zedd observe their battle through a pool of water. Zedd calls back the Sword of Truth and the compass. Richard is stunned that the Sword of Truth has disappeared but he continues to fight with his fists and a knife and he and Kahlan are able to defeat all of Drago’s men.
  • Shota informs Zedd that they need to travel a long ways to get to the new Seeker that she has scouted but Zedd has other plans and freezes Shota in place and leaves.
  • Zedd heads back to the brothel and finds Salindra. Now younger looking and confident, he offers her to be his princess and riches beyond her imagination. She accepts and they kiss. Zedd conjures a castle for which Richard and Kahlan see from afar and they head toward it. Zedd has declared himself a king of sorts and people start flocking to Zedd for assistance. Although another courtesan points out the tear in the veil needs to be repaired because banelings are attacking the living and the Keeper must be stopped. Zedd then names himself the Seeker so that he can find the Stone of Tears and repair the veil. Drago arrives and there is an altercation and Zedd kills him.
  • Drago wakes up in the underworld and Darken Rahl (Craig Parker) offers him the Keeper’s offer, which is kill to live. Drago accepts because he wants revenge on Zedd and he tells Darken Rahl all that has happened. Darken Rahl develops a plan and assigns Drago a task.
  • Cara rejoins Richard and Kahlan and she reports that Zedd has disappeared. Shota appears and she reports that the ingredients they have collected will not bring back Zedd’s memories as she is the only one that can bring his memories back. Richard demands that she reverse her spell, but she refuses. Shota reveals she wanted Zedd to name a new Seeker because prophecy has shown that Richard will fail. Since Zedd didn’t do as she asked she felt that taking away his memories would be the only way he would do what needs to be done. Kahlan defends Richard and says that he is the true Seeker. Shota points out that Kahlan makes that statement out of love. Richard defends himself and says that he doesn’t believe in prophecies. Nonetheless, Shota has come to speak with Cara. As a Mord Sith, her loyalty remains to serve Lord Rahl (which happens to be Richard) so Shota points out that Richard will die in his quest to defeat the Keeper and in order to prevent that from happening – a new Seeker needs to be named. So Shota asks Cara to use her Mord Sith powers against Zedd in order to force him to name a new Seeker. Cara reiterates the fact that magic will not work on Mord Sith so she uses her agiel on Shota and she screams in pain. Cara threatens Shota and tells her that once they find Zedd, she must undo her spell or else she’ll kill her.
  • Zedd and his followers make their way [to find the Stone of Tears] when a well hidden Drago shoots and kills Salindra. Salindra wakes up in the underworld where Darken Rahl offers her life back if she tricks Zedd to enter into the underworld through one of the rifts. She is hesitant because she has fallen for Zedd because he has been kind to her.
  • Zedd tries to use his magic to bring back Salindra but it doesn’t seem like it is working. All of a sudden, Salindra comes back to life and everyone rejoices! Zedd and Salindra take a moment to talk and Salindra tells Zedd of her encounter with Darken Rahl and tells him that she overheard the Keeper and Darken Rahl talking about Zedd. She tells Zedd that the Keeper and Darken Rahl fear Zedd would march into the underworld and face them in battle because they believe he would defeat them. Salindra then asks Zedd to promise not to do such a thing. Zedd does not answer.
  • Richard, Kahlan, Cara, and Shota find Zedd and Richard comes up with the plan to befriend Zedd to show that he is not a threat. Richard requests an audience with Zedd and asks him if he remembers anythings before eating a persimmon the other day. Zedd does not, and Richard tells him of Shota’s plans and reminds Zedd that he is his grandson. Zedd is surprised (at the thought of being a grandfather) but seems happy. Zedd then reveals that he wishes to get to know Richard better after he defeats the Keeper and Darken Rahl once and for all. Richard tries to dissuade him because no one enters the underworld and comes back alive, but Zedd is determined. Zedd puts a spell on Richard to prevent him from moving and following him as he and his followers head to one of the cracks [in the underworld].
  • Kahlan, Cara, and Shota come out of hiding and Cara tells Shota to release Richard from Zedd’s magic. Shota does as she is told and they all go after Zedd. Zedd looks upon the crack and enters the underworld. He starts to age as he goes deeper. Richard decides to go after Zedd but Kahlan advises him not to. Richard says that he must, and Kahlan tells him she will go with him. He asks her not to because if he fails in bringing back Zedd – someone needs to continue the quest to find the Stone of Tears.
  • Richard heads into the rift and calls out to Zedd. Richard begins to age as he goes deeper into the underworld. Zedd has now aged to the point where he looks like his former self when Darken Rahl approaches him. Darken Rahl heckles Zedd and waves his hand and the crack starts to close. Richard who now looks like an old man picks up Zedd and they make their way out of the crack. Kahlan notices the crack is starting to seal so she calls out to Richard and then she notices two people making it out of the crack before it completely seals.
  • Kahlan is relieved that they both made it out of the underworld alive. Cara instructs Shota to give back Zedd’s memories. Zedd is back to normal and realizes all of his mistakes. All of a sudden, Salindra falls to the ground as she is being called back to the underworld because she did not hold her end of the bargain and she dies.
  • Zedd restores Richard’s youth and Cara releases Shota and asks Richard if she should kill her or not. Richard says no because he believes that Shota may be of use someday. Shota disappears after being released. Richard asks Zedd why he didn’t tell him about Shota’s prophecy and Zedd responds that he didn’t want Richard doubting his abilities as the Seeker. Plus ordaining Shota’s choice for Seeker gives her power over the person who wields the Sword of Truth so her motives may not be righteous.

Next week’s episode is titled “Fury”. Watch the preview for “Fury” here.

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