Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Fury”

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Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlan (Bridget Regan), Cara (Tabrett Bethell), and Zedd (Bruce Spence) encounter a clan who call themselves the Minders. The Minders believe in following the ways of the Creator so they refrain from violence. However their peaceful ways has no prejudice against their enemies even when a man named Caldor and his army kidnap Minders and force them to become slaves. It’s up to the Seeker to teach the Minders how to fight so they can protect themselves from danger. “Fury” is the sixth episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.


The compass which is suppose to guide the Seeker’s way to the Stone of Tears has led Richard and his friends to the Minders. Roga (Donogh Rees), the leader of the Minders, at first declines the Seeker’s help but a few of the Minders including Roga’s son, Kur (Dwayne Cameron), wish to learn how to defend themselves and their clan from people like Caldor. Richard and Kahlan decide to teach the Minders who volunteered to learn how to fight while Zedd and Cara escorted the rest of the Minders to a nearby cave as their camp left them prone to enemies. While the minders practice fighting techniques, their eyes turn white and they suddenly collapse and fall under some sort of a trance. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • The Minders are under a binding spell. Zedd says that he can remove the binding spell but it will drain away his powers leaving him defenseless for a few days. Richard urges Zedd to take that chance. Zedd removes the binding spell from each of the affected Minders. The Minders are eager to continue learning how to fight. Zedd heads to the cave.
  • Cara brings what she has hunted to the Minders in the cave. Roga states they do not eat what has been slain. She suggests that they pick some berries nearby. Roga and Minders pick some berries while Cara keeps watch. Roga offers Cara some berries. Cara eats one and shortly after Caldor’s men attack the Minders. Cara fights them all off and she is about to kill one of Caldor’s men with her agiel when Roga throws herself on the fallen man. She tells Cara not to kill him. Cara spares the man’s life and Roga advises the man to follow the ways of the Creator and he shall be rewarded.
  • Richard continues to train with the other Minders. They conclude their training but Kur politely challenges Richard. Richard and Kur spar a bit and he gets in a good shot to Richard’s face. It triggers something inside Richard and he disarms Kur and knocks him to the ground and he draws his sword (which is glowing) upon Kur as he is about to kill him when Kahlan tells him to stop. Richard responds that they need to feel fear or they will die. Kahlan is a bit puzzled by Richard’s behavior.
  • An angrier Richard continues to train the Minders and something within them is unleashed and they all are full of rage. The Minders state they are ready to fight with weapons. Richard devises a plan to get real weapons. During the night, Richard and the Minders steal the weapons of one of Caldor’s camps and Kur kills someone who wakes up during their raid. Richard commends Kur for his fast thinking which saved their lives. Richard and the Minders make a plan to attack on of Caldor’s main camps and it is a blood bath.
  • No one can seem to find Richard and the other Minders when Kahlan meets everyone in the caves. Kahlan tells Zedd that Richard doesn’t seem himself and she tells him that she noticed the sword was glowing. Zedd, Kahlan, Cara, and Roga go looking for Richard and the other Minders. They stumble upon the camp and witness the war scene. They find one of the Minders that were captured by Caldor’s men and she details that the Seeker and the other Minders were on a killing rampage and specifically mentions that Kur was soaked with blood and she feared the look in his eyes. Zedd asks Kahlan and Cara to find Richard. Zedd then advises Cara that Mord Sith magic may be the only thing to stop Richard if he is truly out of control.
  • Kahlan and Cara find Richard along with the other Minders, and Richard asks why they are there. Kahlan begins talking to Richard and he begins to raise his sword but Cara stops Richard with her magic. Richard seems to get angrier and he uses the end of his sword and strikes Cara on the head. Cara falls to the ground and Kahlan knocks the sword out of Richard’s hands. Richard falls back and he and the other Minders seem to come out of a spell. Richard realizes what he has done and checks to see if Cara is alright. They all take Cara to the Minders’ camp and they ask Roga for help in order to tend to Cara’s injury.
  • While there Zedd notices some inscriptions on a wall and asks Richard to go with him into the underground temple. Zedd explains that the inscriptions tell the story of a blood thirsty tyrant who magically bonded himself to a clan of people. Whenever that person felt rage, the people bonded to him would feel rage. The tyrant was Richard’s ancestor, a Rahl. The wizards of that time put a binding spell on the Rahl bloodline and the clan people and their descendants so that they could not do harm in the future. When Zedd lifted the binding spell, the Minders were free to serve another which just happened to be Richard. The Sword of Truth fuels the wielder with anger in order to give the Seeker strength. Now whenever Richard draws the sword, the Minders will feel Richard’s rage no matter where he is. Richard needs to learn to control the sword’s magic or else the Minders may not be able to control their anger.
  • Caldor’s army is passing by, Richard devises a plan to form a front to seem like they all are ready to fight. Caldor confronts Richard and sees that he is out numbered. Richard negotiates with Caldor (David Aston) to leave the Minders alone. Caldor is wary because he believes the Minders will attack his army when their backs are turned, however, Roga speaks for her clan and assures him that they will keep the peace. Caldor begins to draw his sword when one of his men stops him. It is the same man that Roga saved from Cara. He vouches for her to Caldor and says that they can believe her word. Caldor concedes but he warns the Minders that if they attack his men he will come back with a vengeance. The Minders celebrate their victory!
  • Richard needs to work with the Sword of Truth, so the Minders that are affected by the ancient spell are restrained in a room while Zedd and Richard work with the sword. Richard draws the Sword of Truth and right away the sword begins to glow and Richard and the Minders start to get angry. Zedd advises to Richard to let the anger talk hold of him and he begins asking Richard what he is angry about. Richard says he is angry at Darken Rahl, his slain brother and father, leaving Hartland, and not being able to be with the one he loves (Kahlan). Zedd replies that Darken Rahl is dead, people leave home all the time, loved ones are left behind, and sometimes there are sacrifices made. He asks again what is Richard angry about. Richard responds that he is mad at Zedd for lying to him all these years because he never told him that he was his grandfather and for making him the Seeker and thus putting him on this journey. He approaches Zedd in an attack position. Kahlan calls out to Richard to stop but Zedd tells her that Richard needs to stop himself. Richard draws closer to Zedd and raises his sword. It looks like he is going to stab Zedd but instead he drives his sword into the ground. Richard then falls back. Richard and Zedd work with the Sword through the night and Richard seems to have controlled the sword’s magic again. The Minders are released and the compass points in a new direction.
  • Everyone says their goodbyes as Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara continue their quest for the Stone of Tears. Zedd and Kahlan fall behind a bit and Kahlan asks Zedd what he was thinking and he fibs about day dreaming but Kahlan tells him to tell the truth as you cannot lie to a confessor. Zedd then says that all his life he has seen the good in Richard and this was the first time he saw darkness within him. Kahlan reassures Zedd that Richard is a good person and even though he is a Rahl, he wasn’t raised by Rahls but Cyphers. Kahlan points out that Richard has regained control of the Sword of Truth, but Zedd rebuts that Richard controlled the Sword of Truth today and questioned the future.

“Fury” was the last episode of 2009. “Legend of the Seeker” returns on January 9, 2010, with an all-new episode titled “Resurrection”, which marks the return of Jessica Marais as Mistress Denna!

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