2010 TV Show Return/Premiere Dates

As shows take their winter hiatus and/or fall finale, you may wonder when your favorite shows are returning. Keep in mind that some shows may take a mini-break for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Check out the dates below to find out when your favorite show returns:

Source: Entertainment Weekly

2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver, Canada, Feb. 12-28

Monday, Jan. 4
Make It or Break It (ABC Family)

Wednesday, Jan. 6
Modern Family (ABC)
Ugly Betty (ABC)

Saturday, Jan. 9
Legend of the Seeker (Syndicated)

Sunday, Jan. 10
Season Premiere of Chuck (NBC)

Monday, Jan. 11
Chuck Regular Time slot
How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Castle (ABC)

Tuesday, Jan. 12
American Idol premieres (FOX)

Thursday, Jan. 14
Bones (FOX)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Private Practice (ABC)

Thursday, Jan. 21
The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
Supernatural (The CW)
The Office (NBC)

Friday, Jan. 22
Smallville (The CW)

Monday, Jan. 25
House (FOX)
Greek (ABC Family)

Tuesday, Feb. 2
Final season of Lost premieres (ABC)

Thursday, March 4
FlashForward (ABC)

Tuesday, March 30

Monday, April 12
Final season of The Tudors premieres (Showtime)

Tuesday, April 13
Glee (FOX)

Find more 2010 TV Show Return and Premiere Dates on Entertainment Weekly.

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