Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Resurrection”

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Jessica Marais returns as Mistress Denna in the seventh episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker titled “Resurrection”. The episode begins with Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlan (Bridget Regan), Cara (Tabrett Bethell), and Zedd (Bruce Spence) under attack by D”Haran soldiers. Kahlan is able to confess one the soldiers and they find out that the attack was ordered by General Gric, who wants to claim the throne of D’Hara for himself. However, the throne of D’Hara is rightfully Richard’s as he is of the Rahl bloodline.


General Gric is trying to instill fear to all who oppose him by using Whisperers (a device that sends loud shrills that kills anyone within a certain radius) in his quest to claim the D’Haran throne. There are more Whisperers that are being transferred so Richard and Cara decide to find General Gric while Kahlan and Zedd go after the Whisperers. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Richard and Cara end up at a brothel to inquire about the General when they are greeted by Denna. Denna runs the brothel and she tells Richard and Cara that the General was there but he left. She then offers the both of them to stay and enjoy themselves compliments of the house.
  • Kahlan and Zedd search for the missing Whisperers from the shipment they intercepted. They are not able to get to the last Whisperer, however, Zedd casts a deafening spell as the Whisperer detonates which saves the both of them and the surrounding villages and creatures in the area.
  • Meanwhile at the brothel, Richard instructs Cara to meet Kahlan and Zedd while he asks around for more information about the General. Before Cara leaves, Denna and her have some words with each other. Denna shares that she is surprised that Cara has sided with the Seeker, and Cara tells Denna that she should side with Richard as he is a Rahl and Mord Sith serve the Rahl blood line. Denna also tries to mess with Cara and implies that she is a third wheel to Richard and Kahlan. Cara rebuts and says that Kahlan is honorable and she spared her life even when she found out that Cara killed her sister.
  • Richard asks some of the women there about the General and a woman named Lucinda (Gina Holden) reveals that she has some information on the General. Lucinda tries to seduce Richard but he politely declines as he says his heart is spoken for. Richard asks Lucinda when did the General leave the brothel. Lucinda then asks for Richard’s help in order to protect her son if she offers her help. Richard accepts and Lucinda reveals that the General never left the brothel.
  • Denna inquires the whereabouts of Richard and the other women reveal that he was with Lucinda. Denna storms in on Richard and Lucinda while they were talking and dismisses Lucinda. Denna and Richard have a word with one of another and she offers herself to him but he declines. Then Lucinda’s screams are heard from outside. Richard tries to save Lucinda but during the rescue attempt, Denna shoots a tranquilizer at Richard and he is out for the count.
  • Denna has Lucinda taken to the dungeon and she is strapped to a stone tablet. A sorcerer kills Lucinda and he summons a spirit which enters Lucinda’s body. Denna uses the breath of life to revive Lucinda and tells her that she can take vengeance on the person who first killed her, and that person was Cara.
  • Cara is in the woods waiting for Kahlan and Zedd at there rendezvous point when Lucinda attacks her. They fight but then Lucinda tries to confess Cara when Kahlan breaks it up. Kahlan asks who Lucinda was and Lucinda reveals that she is Dennee aka Kahlan’s sister. Dennee proves she is who she says she is by telling Kahlan a childhood memory regarding a meadowlark. Kahlan approaches Dennee and realizes she is telling the truth.
  • Meanwhile in the dungeon, Richard awakes tied to a stone tablet and Denna training General Gric. Richard believes that Denna wants to train every D’Haran soldier so that she can control an army. Denna says there is a flaw in that plan, and her plans extend further than that. She then orders the General to kill himself, but before he does she whispers something in his ear. The General stabs himself and then Denna uses her agiel to kill Richard.
  • Cara interrupts Kahlan and Dennee’s reunion when she reveals that her agiel magic wasn’t working. Zedd says that the bond between the Rahl bloodline and the Mord Sith has been severed. Cara then deduces that if the bond has been severed then that means that Richard is dead.
  • Richard wakes up in the underworld when he is greeted by Darken Rahl. Darken Rahl reveals that the General has refused the Keeper’s offer because Denna promised to call his spirit and put him in Richard’s body. Darken Rahl then tries to convince Richard to take the Keeper’s offer [to become a Baneling] but Richard refuses. The General is called from the underworld and Denna revives him with the breath of life. The General wakes up in Richard’s body. Denna instructs him to take on the role that she has trained him for. We then find Richard in the Rahl’s traditional red robes as he addresses the army battalions that Denna has summoned. The General as Richard addresses the army and ask the armies to join him. Zedd, Cara, Kahlan and Dennee watch the gathering and Cara reports that her agiel magic is back. Zedd tells them the magic has returned because Richard’s heart is beating and it doesn’t matter whose spirit is in Richard as long as his blood is still pumping. That is why the agiel’s magic has returned. Also in order for Richard to return, the fake Richard must die.
  • They devise a plan where Dennee and Zedd head to the brothel and Dennee will confess the sorcerer and instruct him to perform the same magical ritual and bring back Richard while Kahlan and Cara go after Richard. Denna, fake Richard, and the army make camp and everyone heads to bed but Denna calls the fake Richard in and she instructs him to take off his clothes. Meanwhile, Dennee greets the sorcerer and he attempts to kill her when Zedd freezes him and Dennee confesses him. Dennee instructs the sorcerer to bring back Richard and restore Lucinda to her body but the sorcerer informs her that there is only enough magic to perform the ritual one last time.
  • Kahlan and Cara infiltrate the camp and they walk in on Denna and the fake Richard making out. Kahlan demands Denna to take her hands off him and Denna instructs the fake Richard to kill them. Cara and Denna fight while Kahlan and the fake Richard fight. Kahlan is able to disarm Richard and Denna asks Kahlan if she was capable to kill the man she loves and she responds that he, the fake Richard, was not the man she loved and she stabs and kills the fake Richard. The other D’Haran soldiers enter and Denna instructs them to kill Cara and Kahlan but another soldier enters the tent with a Whisperer. Kahlan tells the other General that the man was confessed and she would command him to detonate the Whisperer which would kill them all. Denna believes she is bluffing but Kahlan tells the General that he can fight another day or die. The General stands down and leaves as he says since Lord Rahl is dead (aka fake Richard), he doesn’t have to listen to Denna.
  • Kahlan and Cara bring Richard back to brothel. Cara approaches Dennee and apologizes for her actions but Dennee doesn’t accept her apology but Cara said she needed to say what she felt. The sorcerer brings back Richard’s spirit as Darken Rahl watches Richard leave the underworld. He vows that they will see each other again. Richard is then revived by Cara with the breath of life. Richard wakes up and he and Kahlan share a romantic kiss. Richard is happy to see everyone and tells them they have to find Denna since she has the compass [that would lead them to the Stone of Tears]. Richard then notices that Lucinda is there and Lucina reveals that she is Dennee. Richard is surprised but Kahlan confirms that it is the truth. Before they find Denna, there was one thing they had to do.
  • They all head to a village where Kahlan talks to Lucinda’s mom while Richard holds Lucinda’s baby. He tells Dennee that Lucinda’s mom says that she can raise Lucinda’s child as her own and stay with her. Dennee asks if the woman knew that she wasn’t Lucinda and he says yes but Lucinda’s mother knows that the baby needs a mother. Kahlan joins them and says that she is safe here and the D’Haran soldier she confessed will remain to protect her. They hug and the others depart to find Denna who is seen riding off into the horizon.

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