Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Light”

Sisters of Light -- Image via Legend of the Seeker Website

Richard’s inner wizard is unleashing. The Sisters of Light have come for Richard in order to train him to become a wizard. If Richard cannot control his powers, then the headaches that are the result of his lack of training will intensify and eventually kill him. Jessica Marais also returns as Mistress Denna in the eighth episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker titled “Light”.


Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlan (Bridget Regan), Cara (Tabrett Bethell), and Zedd (Bruce Spence) continue to pursue Denna, who has the compass that is suppose to lead the Seeker to the Stone of Tears. Meanwhile, Denna finds a cabin and kills everyone. Richard and the others arrive after the fact as Denna makes a getaway on horseback. Richard experiences a massive headache, but he shakes it off and goes after Denna with Cara and Kahlan while Zedd looked for survivors. Zedd continues to search for survivors and uncovers one survivor who turns out to be Denna in disguise. Denna then uses her agiel to bring down Zedd. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Richard, Kahlan, and Cara chase after the Denna decoy and once they do they realize that Zedd was in danger. Richard experiences another headache and collapses in Kahlan’s arms.
  • The Sisters of Light arrive and explain to Richard that he has been experiencing headaches as a result of his wizard powers emerging. They have been looking for Richard for 24 years, and now they have come to bring Richard to the old world in order to train him to control his powers and to get rid of his headaches.
  • Richard does not want to stray away from his quest, however, the Sisters of Light assure Richard that if he doesn’t learn how to control his powers – the headaches will kill him.
  • Kahlan convinces Richard to go with the Sisters of Light while she and Cara go looking for Zedd and Denna. Richard hands Kahlan the Sword of Truth and tells her that he doesn’t know how long he will be gone and that Zedd may need to name a new Seeker in order to complete the task of finding the Stone of Tears. Kahlan hands Richard one of her daggers so that Richard can protect himself. They kiss and they go their separate ways.
  • Denna has plans to train Zedd so that she can command a Wizard of the First Order. Zedd cleverly uses his magic to leave flowers behind so that his friends can find him.
  • Richard and the Sisters of Light are traveling when they are attacked by an unseen evil, the moriswyth, and Sister Katharine is taken.
  • Kahlan and Cara find Zedd’s trail when they are attacked by D’Haran soldiers. Kahlan and Cara are able to subdue them but not before Kahlan can confess one of them. They find out that the attack was ordered by Denna and that she promised them money if they successfully killed the both of them. Kahlan then asks where is the rendevous point for which they can receive payment.
  • Richard and Sister Verna (Alison Bruce) head to a village where they meet with Captain Takoda (Michael Hallows). They seek a way to get to the Old World but protection from the moriswyth. Takoda’s solution is to take rebel prisoners as bait. Richard refuses to use people as bait and he asks for Sister Verna’s help in order to release the prisoners. They release the prisoners and Richard promises to escort them to their home. On the way, Captain Takoda finds them as they want the prisoners back when are attacked by moriswyth. Richard lights a fire to keep the moriswyth away but the captain and some of the other soldiers are taken.
  • Two men meet up with Denna and they report their failure and Denna kills them. She then instructs Zedd to use his magic to make the murdered men look like them or else she would destroy the compass. Zedd does what Denna asks but with the condition that they leave the compass with the corpses so that his friends can continue their quest. Denna concedes.
  • Kahlan and Cara pause as Kahlan was injured during their last fight and her wound is infected. Cara tells Kahlan that the wound has to be burned closed and she can do that by using her agiel. Kahlan tells her to seal it. Cara warns her that it is going to hurt more than any other pain she has ever experienced before. Kahlan tells her to get on with it. Cara uses her agiel to burn the wound close. Afterward, Cara commends Kahlan as the strongest Mord Sith would pass out from the pain. Kahlan nods and then passes out.
  • Richard, Sister Verna, and the prisoners head to the caves where the moriswyth are nesting when they are attacked and one of the prisoners, Du’ Chaillu (Miriama Smith), is captured but Richard manages to kill the moriswyth. What makes them invisible is a cloak which draws its power from the blood of a wizard. We find out that the slain moriswyth is actually Sister Katharine. The moriswyth are increasing their numbers by transforming those they kidnap into moriswyths.
  • Kahlan and Cara come across the decoy dead bodies that look like Zedd and Cara. They mourn for Zedd’s death and they find the compass.
  • Richard uses the cloak in order to infiltrate the caves. He comes across cocoons and when he cuts one open he finds Du’ Chaillu. Richard proceeds to free more people when one of the cocoons breaks and it is the moriswyth version of Captain Takoda jumps out and attacks Richard but Richard is able to kill Takoda.
  • Denna and Zedd are cooking by a fire. Denna is cooking but Zedd refuses to eat and Denna tries to make him as she doesn’t want a weakling to train. Zedd then puts out the fire with water, but when they leave smoke forms and fills the sky. Kahlan and Cara continue to walk and they see the cloud and Kahlan believes it is a tracer cloud. Cara is not convinced that Zedd is alive, but Kahlan has hope.
  • Zedd and Denna are on the move and Zedd asks Denna what is driving her. Darken Rahl is gone and he gave her a new life. Zedd reiterates that she can change her ways. Denna seems to be listening intently and asks if she could really change. Then Denna is shot with an arrow that Cara fired from afar and Denna falls over a cliff. A mini reunion happens. Zedd asks where Richard is.
  • Richard and Sister Verna return the prisoners to their village and they head to the entrance to the Old World. Before they enter, Richard reiterates that the sooner he can control the headaches the sooner he can get back to his quest and to his friends. Sister Verna reveals that she hasn’t seen her loved ones in 24 years. Richard asks her how she can bear it, and Sister Verna answers that as long as they are in your heart then you would not be alone.

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