Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Dark”

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Richard ventures to the Palace of the Prophets in order to train to be a wizard with the Sisters of Light. However, as he trains a new Seeker is named in order to continue the quest to find the Stone of Tears. Jolene Blalock (“Star Trek Enterprise”) guest stars in the ninth episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker titled “Dark”.


As Richard (Craig Horner) learns how to use his wizard powers, he finds strange occurrences happening in the Palace of the Prophets. His suspicions are heightened when the Prelate (Elizabeth Hathorne) tries to cover up the death of one of the sisters. Zedd and the others realize they need to name a new Seeker because they are unsure of when Richard will return. Zedd seeks Shota’s (Danielle Cormack) help in order to find the candidate she had in mind to be the next Seeker. Meanwhile Kahlan (Bridget Regan) misses Richard and Cara (Tabrett Bethell) cannot understand why the Mother Confessor lets her emotions affect her so. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • A death in the Palace is spun by the Prelate as heart failure as opposed to the notion of suicide as suicide is against the Creator’s will. Richard is skeptical that the death of one of the sisters is suicide as he notices a rash on the sister’s skin which he recognized as a side effect of a type of poison.
  • Richard learns a shocking secret about the Palace of the Prophets as told by Sister Nicci (Jolene Blalock). Sister Nicci reveals that time passes much faster outside of the Palace. So one month in the Palace can mean several years has passed in the New World. Sister Nicci also reveals that the Prelate has sealed all of the entrances of the Palace so that Richard cannot leave until he has finished his training. Richard is anxious to leave and Sister Nicci offers to take the Prelate’s radahan so that it would prevent his magic from giving him headaches.
  • Zedd finds Shota and asks who is the candidate she had in mind for the Seeker. He warns her that if this is one of her tricks, he will make her pay. She assures Zedd that she is not playing games and shows him who is the candidate she had in mind.
  • Richard asks Sister Verna (Alison Bruce) if it is true that time passes much faster outside of the palace and she confirms that it is true. Richard is upset since he was lied to, and Sister Verna shows him a room full of prophecies written along the wall. She shows him the prophecy of his birth in Brennidon and the prophecy that stated that he would defeat Darken Rahl. She then shows him a prophecy that states that if he were to find the Stone of Tears, he would end up giving it to the Keeper. Richard states he would never do that. Sister Verna then shows him another prophecy that states that there would be an individual who possesses the unity of two powerful wizard bloodlines that has a greater quest. She pleads with him to leave the quest of the Stone of Tears to a different Seeker as he [Richard] has a greater purpose.
  • A man approaches some horses and notices the horse is favoring a leg and he tends to the horse. Cara zaps him with her agiel as she thought the man was a thief. Zedd examines the man and states that this is the man who is suppose to become the next Seeker.
  • Sister Nicci is able to get the radahan and hands it to Richard. He tries to escape but he cannot get through the doors and the Sisters of Light and the Prelate stop him and knock him out.
  • Leo (Matthew Le Nevex) wakes up and explains that he is a blacksmith and that he was just trying to help their horses. Kahlan is able to tell that he is telling the truth. Zedd then reveals that he is suppose to become the new Seeker. Leo asks if Richard Cypher is dead and Kahlan quickly answers that he isn’t. She explains that Richard is away and they need to continue their quest to find the Stone of Tears because they are unsure of when Richard will return. Leo is surprised and he reveals a story that he was told someone in his family was rumored to become a Seeker and he didn’t think it would be him. Kahlan hands Leo the Book of Counted Shadows and she says that a true Seeker will be able to read it. Leo is able to read the book’s text and reads a few sentences aloud. All of them realize they have indeed found a new Seeker.
  • Richard wakes up and finds the Prelate and the other Sisters of Light surrounding him. The Prelate explains that she sealed the Palace for his own good because Prophecy states that if he were to find the Stone of Tears, he would give it to the Keeper. The Prelate then brings Richard to wall of candles. She tells him that each candle represents a Sister. She waves her hand and some of the candles burn green. She tells Richard that Sisters of Light follow the will of the Creator, and those individuals (with the candle burning green) who have turned to the dark side secretly serve the Keeper. These women are known as the Sisters of the Dark. The Prelate then tells Richard that whoever is helping him, their intentions are not true. The Prelate asks Sister Nicci to escort Richard to his room. There Richard asks Sister Nicci what side she is playing on. She states her intentions were all good and that the Prelate is the one who has become over zealous. She then tells Richard that she can take his han (the wizard power) from him so that she can unseal the Palace so that he can continue his quest. Richard asks how that is done. She says that she can kill an individual for their power or absorb it from a willing subject. She leaves the choice up to Richard because it is either he stays until he is allowed out or she can help him break out. Richard questions her motives and asks how would he know if that wasn’t her plan all along. She explains that if she wanted his power all along, she could kill him for it.
  • Zedd names Leo the new Seeker. Leo and Cara are into each other. Kahlan observes the changes in Cara, and she ignores Kahlan’s statements.
  • Richard, Sister Verna, and the other sisters attend a prayer session. He is handed a book, but before he opens it – Sister Verna tells him that it is customary to kiss the book before opening it. Richard observes everyone kissing the book. Richard later seeks out Sister Verna and tells him that a Sister of the Dark is going to help him escape and that he will allow her to absorb his han. He then tells Sister Verna that once the person in question absorbs his power, they will become very powerful and chances are they are going to kill all of the sisters. Richard doesn’t want that to happen and asks for Sister Verna’s help in order to prevent that fate.
  • Leo is practicing with the Sword of Truth when Cara finds him. Leo asks Cara to spar, and then Cara pushes Leo down as one of the Sisters of the Dark tried and failed to kill him. Everyone runs after the Sister of the Dark. Leo holds her at bay with the Sword of Truth and before Kahlan can confess her, the sister uses her hand to grabs Leo’s hand gripping the Sword the Truth and stabs herself in the throat. Cara states that she cannot give her the breath of life since her windpipe was severed. Kahlan realizes the woman is dressed as a “Sister of the Light”. She then realizes that if a Sister of the Light tried to kill the Seeker, Richard may be in danger. Kahlan and Cara decide to find Richard as Leo and Zedd go and find the Stone of Tears.
  • Richard allows Sister Nicci to absorb his han. She then removes the magical seal on the doors and once Richard crosses the barrier, Sister Nicci puts a protective seal between him and Palace in order to prevent the other Sisters from following him. Sister Verna comes from behind and puts the radahan on Sister Nicci. Sister Nicci struggles and asks for Richard’s help. Richard then reveals that he figured out that she (Sister Nicci) was a Sister of the Dark. He figured out that she was the one who passes the hymn books during prayer and that she killed one the sisters with poison by placing it on the book and when she kissed it – she became poisoned. The Prelate comes in with other sisters and commands them to stop Richard however the seal that Nicci put on Richard was too powerful to penetrate.
  • The Prelate pleads with Richard and states that if he leaves, he would be only serving the Keeper. Richard then states that he doesn’t believe in prophecy and that he believes in himself. Sister Verna states that they shouldn’t underestimate him. Richard leaves the Palace of the Prophets.
  • Kahlan and Cara are walking and they stop when they hear noises. They notice it is Zedd and Leo. Kahlan asks what are they doing [here] and Leo states that the compass changed direction. Kahlan realizes that she and Cara are searching for Richard and if the compass has lead Zedd and Leo to them, then the compass was pointing the way toward Richard.

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