Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Perdition”

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Richard leaves the Palace of the Prophets and is trapped in the Valley of Perdition where Richard’s worst nightmares are coming to life. Meanwhile Kahlan, Cara, Zedd, and Leo travel to the Old World in order to find Richard. “Perdition” is the tenth episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.


Richard (Craig Horner) wanders into the desert into the Valley of Perdition as Sister Verna and the Prelate look on. There Richard is living through his worst fears. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Sister Verna wants to help Richard, but the Prelate says otherwise. She believes not helping Richard will prevent Richard from giving the Stone of Tears to the Keeper as prophecy has predicted.
  • Richard experiences deja vu as he wakes up in the Palace of the Prophets when he knows that he left. He begins to suspect that magic is at play.
  • In this alternate reality, Kahlan visits Richard but to Richard’s surprise – Kahlan is married to Phillip who is the Seeker, has a daughter named Sofia, and she no longer has confessor powers. Also the Stone of Tears was destroyed and the tear in the veil can never be sealed.
  • Leo (Matthew Le Nevex), Zedd, Cara, and Kahlan head to the Old World in order to find Richard.
  • In the alternate reality, the Palace is attacked by banelings but Richard, Kahlan, and Phillip are on the verge of defeat when Richard uses wizard’s fire to defeat the banelings.
  • On the way to the Old World, Kahlan advises Cara to tell Leo how she feels about him. Cara scoffs and says she doesn’t have feelings for Leo. They make camp as a rain storm begins. Cara jumps Leo and they share a romantic interlude.
  • Meanwhile Richard and the others in the Palace try to salvage their supplies when he notices that the Sisters of Light and the Prelate have gathered. The Prelate explains that they have given up the fight and that humanity has become the minority. Therefore the Prelate and the Sisters of Light have decided to give in and sacrifice themselves as they feel the good fight has been lost. Richard asks why they have given up, as sacrificing themselves is against the Creator’s wishes. The Prelate and the Sisters of Light wish the survivors well and they all commit suicide.
  • Leo, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara continue their way to the Palace of the Prophets. Leo tries to talk to Cara about their “interlude”, but Cara states that it didn’t mean anything to her and he was just a body to her. Leo doesn’t believe her and insists that she cares about him and he admits that he cares about her.
  • Back to the present, Sister Nicci is being held captive as the Prelate demands to know the names of the Sisters of the Dark. Sister Nicci tells the Prelate who the Sisters of the Dark are and informs her that they have gone into hiding and they will not find them.
  • The Sisters of the Dark gather. They discuss the new prophecy stating that “as long as the kind heart of the Mother Confessor beats, the Keeper shall never win.” They enchant a spider to do their work and send it to the Palace of the Prophets.
  • Leo, Zedd, Cara, and Kahlan reach the Palace of the Prophets. Kahlan wishes to see the Prelate. The Prelate and Sister Verna talk and the Prelate says as long as the Mother Confessor stays at the Palace, the Keeper won’t be able to get to her. She decides to seal the Palace in order to keep the Mother Confessor “safe”. Sister Verna states that it isn’t right to keep the Mother Confessor under lock and key. The Prelate ignores her.
  • Sister Nicci breaks free from her restraints with the help of the enchanted spider. She breaks out of the Palace.
  • Another baneling attack happens in Richard’s alternate reality which was led by Cara. Although while in the process, Kahlan, Phillip, Sofia, and Cara all die. Richard is distressed.
  • Kahlan sees the Prelate and she tells Kahlan that Richard was busy. Sister Verna disapproves of the Prelate’s behavior.
  • Sister Nicci meets with the Sisters of the Dark and they tell her of the new prophecy about the Mother Confessor and they shift their efforts and plan to eliminate Kahlan.
  • The truth comes out about Richard being stuck in the desert and the Prelate reveals that she has sealed the Palace to keep Kahlan safe. Sister Verna revolts against the Prelate stating that she has gone to far and tells the Prelate to release the Mother Confessor and the others. They head to the desert where they find Richard struggling however they prevent Kahlan from entering the desert or she would be sucked into the trap.
  • Sister Nicci and the Sisters of the Dark attack Kahlan, Cara, Leo, and Zedd. While the others fight, Richard is still battling his mind where he travels to a rift in the veil. There he is approached by Kahlan’s ghost who asks him to join her in the underworld, but before he can do that – he must die. Richard realizes something is wrong as the real Kahlan would never ask him to kill himself.
  • The Sisters of the Dark are the others are fighting and Sister Nicci tries to kill Kahlan when Leo throws himself in front of Kahlan and he dies. Then Richard picks up the Sword of Truth and helps defeat the rest of the Sisters of the Dark. Then Zedd uses his Wizard’s fire to vanquish Sister Nicci.
  • Richard and Kahlan are happy to see each other. Later they all hold a funeral ceremony for Leo.

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