Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Torn”

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Kahlan is needed in Aydindril however she is torn between her duty and her desire to stay with the Seeker. “Torn” is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.


While the Mother Confessor has been away from Aydindril the High Lord Regent has taken over and professed himself the ruler in all judgment. Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • Silas (Ian Mune), a Wizard of the Second Order is summoned to Aydindril when Prince Fyren (Toby Leonard Moore) has declared himself the ruler of Aydindril. Silas steals an amulet from the Aydindril vault which was being heavily guarded by Lord Regent’s men and uses it to find the Mother Confessor. However, when he was reciting the incantation he was shot by crossbows in the back.
  • Richard, Zedd, Kahlan, and Cara continue to follow the compass (which points toward the Stone of Tears) when Silas appears. Kahlan recognizes the wizard and realizes that she is needed in Aydindril as the amulet is magically linked to the Mother Confessor in order to locate her whereabouts in the world and bring her back to Aydindril when she is needed.
  • Kahlan needs to go to Aydindril but part of her wants to stay with Richard and continue the search for the Stone of Tears. Richard tells her that she needs to go and that they will see each other again. Zedd recites the incantation in order to bring Kahlan back to Aydindril, but something happens and Kahlan is left behind and Zedd has disappeared. Kahlan is surprised she is still there but she is glad to be with Richard. She also notices the amulet has broke and she has half of the amulet. Richard, Cara, and Kahlan now travel to Aydindril in order to find Zedd.
  • Meanwhile, Zedd arrives in Aydindril with the other half of the amulet and what appears to be Kahlan. Kahlan and Zedd find Prince Fyren and devise a plan in order to have an audience with him. Kahlan conceals herself and confesses the Prince Fyren and takes her place on the throne in Aydindril.
  • Richard, Cara, and Kahlan encounter some of Prince Fyren’s men and they engage in a fight. Kahlan attempts to confess one of them but she realizes she can’t. Fyren’s man realizes that she cannot confess him and makes a move to strike but Richard is able to kill the man before he has a chance. Kahlan is shocked that her confessor powers have disappeared.
  • In Aydindril, Kahlan is providing guidance and judgment for the people but Zedd notices that Kahlan’s judgments seem to lie too much with the old traditions and that her behavior is uncharacteristic of her normal self. Zedd talks to Kahlan about her odd behavior and she asks if Zedd is on her side and he said he is of course.
  • Richard, Cara, and Kahlan make camp. Kahlan asks Richard to go for a walk. Kahlan is worried that her powers may never come back. Richard says once they go to Aydindril and find Zedd then they will find the answers they seek. Kahlan asks Richard if he would still care about her if she never got her powers back, and he assures her that he loves her. Kahlan then propositions Richard seeing that she doesn’t have her powers. Kahlan and Richard share an intimate night.
  • Meanwhile, the Kahlan in Aydindril asks to see Prince Fyren. She lists the qualities that would make him a good mate and she and Fyren share an intimate night.
  • In the morning, Richard and Kahlan get their things together. Cara notices there is a leaf in Richard’s hair and takes it out when Kahlan finds them. Kahlan gets really jealous and Richard assures her that she is seeing something that isn’t there. Richard believes that Kahlan is not herself which is more the reason to head to Aydindril.
  • Zedd has heard whispers that Kahlan took Prince Fyren as a mate and he asks her about it. She doesn’t deny it, and Zedd asks her about her feelings for Richard. Later Zedd believes that Kahlan is not herself and plans to cast a wizard’s web on her until he figures out what is going on. However the person he confides in was confessed by Kahlan and he takes him to Kahlan for judgment. Kahlan sentences Zedd to death as Richard, Cara, and the other Kahlan arrive in Aydindril and witness the sentencing.
  • Richard goes and sees the stern Kahlan and asks her if he can see Zedd. Richard talks to Zedd and they find that when the amulet broke, Kahlan’s personality split into two. Dutiful side and the compassionate side.
  • Richard comes up with a plan to reason with the stern Kahlan as she uses reason to pass judgment and that is when the other wishy washy Kahlan is revealed to the stern Kahlan. Richard tells the stern Kahlan that the wishy washy Kahlan is a part of her and they need Zedd to fix this. The stern Kahlan then realizes the other Kahlan does not have confessor powers and launches an attack. During the battle, stern Kahlan is able to confess the wishy washy Kahlan. However, Cara is able to subdue the stern Kahlan and tells her to stand down. The wishy washy Kahlan pleads with her other self to stand down.
  • Both Kahlans reveal that they could be with child. Zedd inspects both and they both aren’t pregnant because they are fragments of a real person so it was impossible for them to conceive. Zedd puts the amulet back together and thus putting Kahlan back together.
  • The now whole Kahlan does not remember a thing, but Richard fills her in on everything. Kahlan is a bit disappointed that she couldn’t remember their passionate night but Richard says that he has enough memories for the both of them.

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