Legend of the Seeker Season 2 – “Tears”

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“Tears” is the second part to the season (possibly series) finale of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”. Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara race to the Pillars of Creation before solstice in order to repair the veil. Although there are forces that may get in their way including the Keeper himself. Craig Parker and Emily Foxler return to reprise their roles of Darken Rahl and Sister Nicci.


Here’s what you should know up to now:

  • Prophecy states that if Richard Cypher finds the Stone of Tears, he will deliver it to the enemy of the light aka the Keeper.
  • The creator makes a new prophecy that as long as the pure heart of the Mother Confessor beats, the Keeper will not win.
  • Darken Rahl lives again! While he was alive, he had a look-a-like named Walter who sometimes filled in for him. Darken Rahl’s spirit is brought back into Walter’s body.

If you missed an episode, get caught up in 4 minutes in this Legend of the Seeker Season 2 catch-up video.

The Keeper is tired of people failing him so he wants to take matters into his own hands. In part one of the two part season finale, Cara is captured and broken by Darken Rahl. Zedd performs a spell in order to save Cara and bring her back to a member of the good side but things go awry when it brings everyone to an alternate world where Cara was never a Mord Sith. At first everything seemed to be grand. Richard and Kahlan were married and expecting a baby and Darken Rahl and all of Richard’s enemies were bent to the will of the Power of Orden which Richard was able to wield. However, the alternate world offered a less than promising fate when Darken Rahl is able to seize the Power of Orden and enslave Richard. Zedd then performs the same undoing spell in order to return to a place where Richard was on their side. It works and now Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara continue their quest to repair the veil and to defeat the Keeper.

Here are the rest of the episode highlights:

  • The Keeper is tired of everyone failing him so he wants to take matters into his own hands.
  • The Sisters of the Dark reach out to the Keeper but they are shunned.
  • Sister Nicci pays a visit to Darken Rahl and she asks where she can find Richard, because prophecy states that Richard will deliver the Stone of Tears to the Keeper and if that were to happen she and Darken Rahl would be sent back to the underworld and be eternally tortured by the Keeper and she doesn’t want that to happen.
  • Sister Nicci reiterates what would happen to them and she wants to know Richard’s whereabouts as she wants to offer her assistance to the Seeker. Darken Rahl tells Sister Nicci that Richard will not fail and he shares his thoughts that she may be working for the Keeper. They both are keeping their agendas secret but Sister Nicci does not want to leave things to chance and she uses her magic to boil Rahl (who is taking a bath) into telling her where Richard is heading. Rahl tells her that Richard is heading to the Pillars of Creation.
  • Richard, Cara, Zedd, and Kahlan continue their journey when the Keeper opens a rift but before it gets too wide Richard jumps to the other side of it. Kahlan, Cara, and Zedd are left on the other side of the rift and Richard tells them that he must continue and catch up to him when they can. Kahlan wishes Richard well as he continues while she, Cara, and Zedd try to find a way around the rift.
  • Richard continues and stops in a village where bodies have been slain. He walks around the village and encounters a scared little boy named Declan. The boy thinks that Richard is a baneling, but Richard assures the boy that he isn’t and that he is the Seeker. The boy explains that banelings killed everyone including his mother and father. Richard takes the boy to safety.
  • Richard and the boy make camp in a cave. He leaves the boy some food supplies and tells him that he must go but that he will come back once he has finished what his duties. The boy is scared and he wants to go with Richard, but Richard explains that it isn’t safe where he is going and that he is better off staying in the cave. Richard shows the boy the Stone of Tears and tells him he needs to go in order to save the world from the Keeper but he will come back for him afterward. The boy is afraid that Richard will never come back. They hug and Richard leaves in order to continue his quest.
  • Moments later the Sisters of the Dark arrive in the cave and find the boy. The Sisters of the Dark stare at the boy and address him as the Keeper. The boy stands and tells them to kneel before the Keeper! The Keeper believes that they must rely on prophecy and that Richard will give the Stone of Tears to him, that is why he chose to inhabit Declan’s body (who was killed in the village massacre too) because he knew that the Seeker would never suspect him. The Sisters of the Dark worry about the other prophecy about the Mother Confessor and the Keeper’s vulnerability in his human form. He orders the Sisters to deal with the Mother Confessor as he works on getting the stone.
  • Darken Rahl has his wounds tended and orders the Mord Sith to form an alliance with the Seeker and his friends to ensure that the Seeker succeeds in closing the tear in the veil.
  • Sister Nicci catches up to Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara. Zedd uses his magic to knock her off her horse. Kahlan then decides that she should confess her but before she could, Nicci absorbs some of Kahlan’s powers and confesses Kahlan instead.
  • Meanwhile Richard continues to the Pillars of Creation when he hears a noise and he realizes that he is being tailed by Declan aka the Keeper. Declan makes up a story that he was scared and Richard has no choice to bring him with him to the Pillars of Creation.
  • We catch up to Sister Verna when another Sister of the Light finds her. The Sister tells Verna of a new prophecy that states that a boy will lead the Seeker blindly and that boy would be the Keeper. Sister Verna and the other sister head to a monastery and advise everyone to look out for the boy and to kill him. The abbott believes that wouldn’t be the Creator’s will, but Sister Verna states that if they see the boy, they would know the prophecy is true and that they could once and for all defeat the Keeper.
  • Zedd and Cara are confronted by the Mord Sith that Darken Rahl sent. The Mord Sith state they were sent to form an alliance with them. Cara wanted to say no but Zedd convinces her that they may need the help.
  • Kahlan and Sister Nicci come across the village that Richard stopped in and Kahlan determines which direction that Richard was heading. Sister Nicci then reveals her plan that she wants Kahlan to confess Richard and together they are going to start a new regime. Sister Nicci decides that she should slow down Richard so that she and Kahlan can catch up to him. Kahlan crushes some glass and Sister Nicci casts a spell and glass dust blows away. Shortly after we see Richard and Declan and they pause as Richard senses something coming. He draws the Sword of Truth just when the glass cloud hits him in the face. Richard is blind.
  • An abbott arrives at the village but Kahlan confesses him and he reveals the prophecy about the Keeper inhabiting the body of a child and that he would be led blindly by him. Sister Nicci and Kahlan realize that there were the ones who blinded Richard. All of a sudden someone shoots an arrow at Nicci and the Mord Sith attack them. Kahlan is so angry that she enters the Con Dar. Zedd and Cara realize what is happening and they hide. Kahlan confesses all of the Mord Sith and she commands them to kill each other. Kahlan then takes Sister Nicci aside. Sister Nicci is dying but she tells Kahlan to continue what they started.
  • Kahlan goes after Richard while Zedd and Cara check on Sister Nicci. Sister Nicci is dead, so they believe that Kahlan should be free from Sister Nicci’s hold. When they call out to Kahlan she is still under the Con Dar and she tries to confess them but Zedd deflects her magic. Kahlan takes off and Zedd tells Cara that they need to kill Kahlan and bring her back with the breath of life in order for her to return to normal. Cara picks up her bow and aims it at Kahlan but she hesitates. They go after Kahlan.
  • Richard and Declan are close to the Pillars of Creation when he hears Kahlan. Kahlan is then ambushed by the Sisters of the Dark. Kahlan takes them all on and confesses some of them and orders them to turn on each other. Richard hands the Stone of Tears to Declan aka the Keeper. (Oh NO!) Richard instructs Declan to go to the Pillars of Creation. Declan smiles and takes the stone.
  • Richard helps out Kahlan using his hearing to deflect dacras. Kahlan believes every Sister of the Dark have been defeated just when Sister Marianna appears and attempts to kill Kahlan when Richard kills Sister Marianna.
  • Kahlan attempts to confess Richard but it doesn’t work. She then asks him where the Stone of Tears is, and he tells her that he gave it to a boy. Kahlan looks around and sees the boy entering a rift into the underworld. She then realizes that Richard fulfilled the prophecy as he handed the Stone of Tears to the Keeper. Kahlan in a fit of rage stabs Richard with her dagger. Richard realizes that Kahlan must be in the Con Dar and her actions weren’t her own. He tells her that he forgives her and that he loves her.
  • Kahlan comes out of the Con Dar and she realizes what she has done and she is horrified. Zedd and Cara arrive and Kahlan calls out to Cara to give Richard the breath of life. Cara gives the breath of life to Richard as Kahlan cries and her tears form a new Stone of Tears. The breath of life works and Richard is alive! They all rush to the Pillars of Creation with the new Stone of Tears before it is too late.
  • Once they get to the Pillars of Creation, Kahlan assists Richard to place the Stone of Tears into a stone tablet. Afterward a light shines through the Stone of Tears and all of the rifts of the world mend and the tear in veil has been sealed. The Keeper realizes that the veil has been repaired and screams in defeat.
  • Zedd uses his magic to restore Richard’s vision. Richard sees Kahlan and kisses her. Then Kahlan realizes that she tried to confess Richard but it didn’t work. Then Zedd tells them that their love for each other is more powerful than any magic. Richard and Kahlan can officially be together! They kiss again.
  • Sister Nicci is revived by the breath of life and she is greeted by Darken Rahl. Sister Nicci realizes that she has a radahan around her neck which prevents her from using her magic and Darken Rahl reveals that he has plans for her. For starters he is going to draw her a bath and pay her the same favor she bestowed upon him.
  • The episode closes with Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara standing atop of the Pillars of Creation taking in the scenery and savoring in their success of saving mankind.

Well if this is the way the series will end, I’m ok with it. At the end of the first book, Wizard’s First Rule, Kahlan uses her confessor powers on Richard but it does not work on him as he is devoted to her as it is. This is the loop hole that allows a confessor to be with someone she truly loves, absolute devotion. If there were any doubt and if it were any other man (one whom they truly were not devoted to and vice versa), they would succumb to a confessor’s powers. This is why Kahlan’s powers do not work on Richard, because there isn’t any doubt between them. So an ending from the 1st book, ends the second season. If Legend of the Seeker returns for a third season, that would be great but I believe there is enough closure that would satisfy fans of the show.

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  1. although the above text is satisfactory,it leaves a lot to be desired and that calls for a 3rd season.

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