Fall Movie Season: September 2011


The Summer has flown by and now it’s time for the Fall Movie Season. This is kind of a laid back month for movies. There are star studded films but none that I foresee to be a box office blockbuster. “Contagion” opens the first weekend after Labor Day, which has an all-star cast including some Academy Award winners and nominees. The premise takes our fears about air born diseases and pumps up the scare factor to the max.

Following week we have “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling, which is reminiscent of “The Transporter”. Toward the end of the month are the films that may bring in the crowds. Jason Statham (“The Transporter”) along with Clive Owen (“Closer”), Chuck‘s Yvonne Strahovski, and Academy Award Winner Robert De Niro star in “Killer Elite”, which looks like it’s going to be a high-octane action flick. Brad Pitt stars in “Moneyball”, based on Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane and how he put together a baseball club on a budget. This film could be interesting or a flop.

Chris Evans (“Captain America: The First Avenger”) and Anna Faris (“Scary Movie”) star in “What’s Your Number?”, based on the novel, “20 Times a Lady”, by Karyn Bosnak. Looks like it could be funny but at the same time it could end up being predictable. It’s all in the story-telling.

My spotlight pick of the month are “50/50”. Seth Rogan (“Knocked Up”) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“(500) Days of Summer”) star in “50/50”, which looks funny but yet poignant. It could be a possible tear jerker.

Well that’s my September overview, click on the link below to check out the rest of the movies coming out this month and check back next month for more Fall Movie Season picks and if you’ve seen any of the films from this month…leave some feedback/suggestions in the Comments section on what to see.

**NOTE: Theatrical Release Dates are subject to change.**
Source: Comingsoon.net

September 2
– A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (limited)
– Apollo 18
– Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (limited)
– I’m Glad My Mother is Alive (NY)
– InSight (limited)
– Love Crime (limited)
– Love Exposure (NY)
– Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles (NY)
– Saving Private Perez (limited)
– Seven Days in Utopia (limited)
– Shark Night 3D

September 9
– The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu (NY)
– Beware the Gonzo (limited)
– Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star
– Burke & Hare (limited)
Contagion (conventional theaters and IMAX)
– Creature
– Grave Encounters (NY, limited)
– Inside Out (limited)
– Laugh at My Pain (limited)
– Love in Space (limited)
– Main Street (limited)
– Mere Brother Ki Dulhan (limited)
– One Fall (LA; NY release: Sep. 16)
– Shaolin (limited)
– Tanner Hall (limited)
– Warrior
– We Were Here (NY; LA release: Sept. 16)
– Where Soldiers Come From (NY)

September 14
– Granito: How to Nail a Dictator (NY)
– The Mill and the Cross (NY)

September 16
– 3 (DREI) (NY, LA)
– Happy, Happy (NY, LA)
– I Don’t Know How She Does It
– Jane’s Journey (limited)
– The Lion King 3D
– My Afternoons with Margueritte (limited)
– Prince of Swine (NY)
– Restless (NY, LA)
– Silent Souls (NY; LA, Sept. 30)
– Stay Cool (limited)
– Straw Dogs
– The Weird World of Blowfly (limited)
– The Whale (limited)

September 20
– Pearl Jam Twenty (limited)

September 23
– A Bird of the Air (limited)
– Abduction
– Dolphin Tale 3D (3D/2D theaters)
– The Double (limited)
Killer Elite
– Limelight (limited)
– Machine Gun Preacher (NY, LA)
– Puncture (NY, LA, Houston)
– Red State (limited)
– Thunder Soul (limited)
– Toast (NY; LA release: Oct. 7)
– Weekend (NY)

September 28
– You Don’t Like the Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantanamo (NY)

September 30
– Bunraku (limited)
– Courageous
– Dream House
– Margaret (limited)
– Munger Road (limited)
– My Joy (NY)
– Take Shelter (NY, LA; wider release: October)
– Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (limited)
What’s Your Number?

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