Is “Ringer” a winner?

Cast of "Ringer" - Image via The CW

The series premiere for Ringer aired on September 13, 2011, on The CW.  This marks the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to prime time television.  Gellar probably most known for the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which originally aired on the WB before The CW took over the network.

My first impression of Ringer was that it was warped and twisted in the sense that the plot twists were many but yet it left me intrigued.  Many twists were presented in the series premiere it leaves you to question if there are going to be answers or too many questions that will be left unanswered?

What’s the premise?
Sarah Michelle Gellar plays twin sisters Siohban Martin and Bridget Kelly. Bridget is a recovering addict while Siohban has a picturesque life – rich, beautiful home(s), husband, a perfect life…or is it? Click on the link below to get the rundown of the series premiere of Ringer.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Bridget witnessed a murder and goes into witness protection so that she can testify, but if she testifies, she fears that she’ll wind up dead.
  • After six years, Bridget and Siohban decide to get reacquainted. Siohban appears to have a glamorous life, but Siohban tells Bridget that she [Siohban] hasn’t told people not even her husband, Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) about having a twin sister and Bridget understands.
  • Bridget and Siohban go out to sea to spend some time together. Bridget falls asleep and when she wakes up, Siohban is no where to be found. Bridget finds Siohban’s wedding ring in a pill bottle and her pocketbook in the water. Bridget dives in to retrieve her sister’s things as well as search for Siohban.
  • Meanwhile, Bridget misses the trial where she was a key witness, now the murderer is free and the agent assigned to her, Victor Machado played by Nestor Carbonell, goes in search of her because Bridget is now a fugitive.
  • Bridget is distraught because Siohban has committed suicide and she doesn’t know what to do. She then decides that she has a way out to turn her life around and assumes Siohban’s identity and her life. We also find that the murderer from the case that Bridget was suppose to testify in appears to be looking for Bridget.
  • Bridget has to fool the people in Siohban’s life to think that she is Siohban but Bridget has to piece together Siohban’s life any way she can. Although Bridget is in for some surprises of her own as her sister doesn’t seem to be the person she thought her to be.
  • We find out that Siohban and her husband seem to be distant. Siohban is sleeping with her best friend’s husband, Henry Butler played by Kristoffer Polaha, Siohban may have a son named Sean, she [Siohban] was pregnant before she died for whom we’re not sure who the father is/was, and somebody wants Siohban dead.
  • In an act of self defense, Bridget kills a man who was sent to kill Siohban. We also find out that Siohban is NOT dead and Bridget seems to be pawn in her sister’s web of deception.

All in all the series premiere was decent. If I were to grade it, I would be give it a C+ as it was just a tad bit better than average but not quite good. I felt there was a lot of clichéd themes presented in terms of all of the “bad” scenarios that a estranged sibling may have. Nonetheless, I think the goals were achieved in this premiere episode, which were to side with Bridget and understand her decision to start her life over and ask…who is Siohban Martin and what has she done? I’m not sure how the rest of the season will fair, but for now…I will tune in for a bit.

Did you watch the series premiere of Ringer? What did you think? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!


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