The “New Girl” is In!

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Paired with Golden Globe Award winning show Glee as the lead-in on Tuesdays, I believe “New Girl” will have the potential to be a real hit!  Currently the pilot/preview episode is available on iTunes for free (download it while you can) as well as streaming on

Zooey Deschanel (“(500) Days of Summer”) couldn’t be a better casting choice for the title character Jess. She really brings the character of Jess to life and what we get is quirky, a bit awkward, and pretty much the “girl next door” type making “geek” into something cool and even chic.

What’s the premise?
Jess (Zooey Deschanel), a teacher who recently has broken up with her boyfriend moves in with three guys that she met on the Internet each with their own idiosyncrasies. They are Nick (Jake M. Johnson, “No Strings Attached”), Schmidt (Max Greenfield, “Veronica Mars“), and Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr., “Happy Endings”) .

The role of Coach will be replaced by a character named Winston (Lamorne Morris), a basketball player that was subletting his room to Coach while he played basketball overseas. Wayans, Jr. had to leave the show due to the unexpected pick-up of ABC’s Happy Endings, which he currently is a regular cast member of. I’m curious how the dynamic of the roommates will be once Winston is introduced as I thought the character of Coach was quite funny.

I’m not sure what kind of audience this show will have, I imagine those who tune into Glee will continue to watch New Girl. The humor is a bit silly but yet it works. With all of promos and clips out there, Jess’s biggest quirk is that she sings to herself a lot. Some may think it is corny, but I think it is weaved into the show well that it doesn’t seem so odd (at least in TV land). Then again, who doesn’t hum or sing to themselves once in a while?

The New Girl premieres tonight, September 20, 2011, click on the link below to find out the rundown of the pilot episode.


  • Jess surprises her boyfriend in her “birthday suit”, and finds that he has another girl in the apartment.
  • Jess answers an Internet ad for a room for rent, but she thought the people who put up the ad were women but they’re actually men.
  • Jess copes with her break-up by sobbing and watching the movie Dirty Dancing several times a day.
  • Nick is going through a break-up himself and he often calls his ex-girlfriend while he is drunk.
  • Schmidt often says things that are considered “douchebag” like and every time he says something of the sort he has to put money in a jar, kind of like a swear jar.
  • Coach is a personal trainer and has trouble communicating with women and can’t relate to them, which results in a no non-sense “coach” attitude.
  • The guys want to help Jess move on, so they offer to take her out and find a rebound guy.
  • During their night out, Jess tries to meet a guy but her line delivery needs some work. She even greets a guy with the phrase “Hey Sailor” when he clearly wasn’t one.
  • Schmidt talks to some friends of his about a charity event which he and his roommates usually attend but since Nick’s ex-girlfriend was their “in” they might not be able to go but he so desperately wants to go. Schmidt tries to convince Nick to call his ex-girlfriend in order to get them on the list, but he doesn’t want to. Although he does end up calling his ex-girlfriend and she puts them on the list.
  • Jess happens to pick up a guy and he asks her out on a dinner date. The guys cheer her success.
  • Jess’s friend Cece (Hannah Simone), who is a model, comes over to help her get ready. While waiting for Jess, Cece and the guys talk. Schmidt hits on Cece, but she isn’t havimg it. Cece warns them that if they hurt her in any way she will come after them.
  • Cece helps Jess find something to wear and they end up switching outfits. Jess gets the guy’s approval and she heads out.
  • The guys head to the charity event which has a Wild West theme, and Nick sees his ex-girlfriend. They talk and he asks her why did she dump him after giving some thought to what Jess said about wanting to know the truth and she answers that she she didn’t know that he cared about her until they broke up. They talk about getting a drink when they see Jess’s date show up. The guys ask him where she is, and he says that he bailed. The guys are concerned as Jess was being stood up and they skip out on their party and head to the restaurant where she was suppose to meet her date.
  • Jess is waiting for her date, but the restaurant tells her that they can’t hold the table and she has to give it up. The guys show up in time and comfort her. They then break into the theme song of Dirty Dancing, “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”, and the restaurant kicks them out.
  • They spend the rest of the night in and watch Dirty Dancing and they comment that the movie is pretty good. Schmidt tells Jess that he would totally have sex with her, and she says that it was sweet of him to say and then asks the guys to pass the “douchebag” jar and Schmidt adds money to the jar.

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