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More details on The CW’s “Arrow”

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UPDATE 2/9/12: Stephen Amell has landed the lead in “Arrow”. Read more on TV Guide.

The CW network announced that they had three pilots in the works, one of which includes “Arrow”, which will explore the DC Comics’ character Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen. This is not the first emergence of Green Arrow on the network. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen was a regular character seen on “Smallville” and was played by Justin Hartley. However, it appears Hartley will not be affiliated with the show.

On the flip side, more details have emerged on which characters they’re planning to cast for the new show. One of the characters of note is Dinah “Laurel” Lance aka Black Canary. In the comics, Green Arrow and Black Canary are an item whereas in “Smallville”, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow ends up with Chloe Sullivan which was a character made up for the show [Smallville] when it first began in 2001. Seems the new series, “Arrow”, will stay closer to the comics.

Click the link below to see which characters they are casting. Got ideas on who should play what? Share them in the Comments section!
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