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Shaq vs. Albert Pujols

Shaquille ONeal and Albert Pujols - Image courtesy of SI.com

Shaquille O'Neal and Albert Pujols - Image courtesy of SI.com

In the third episode of “Shaq vs.”, Shaq challenges 2-Time National MVP Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals in a home-run derby. Who will win the battle of the MVP’s?

When this episode was filmed it was stated that Albert Pujols has had 350 career home runs. “Pujols is at the top of his game.” This is why Shaq wanted to challenge Pujols. Shaq was a little nervous for this episode and it begins with Shaq talking to his trainer Mike on a jet about this latest match. When the jet approaches St. Louis, Shaq looks out the window and sees the St. Louis Arch and says “that’s the biggest golden arches I’ve ever seen”. I really hope that was a joke because that’s just sad if Shaq thought the St. Louis Arch was a McDonald’s.

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