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Movie Week on American Idol

Songs from the movies…the choices are pretty much limitless, but seriously…everyone really could’ve chose better songs.  The only song choice I respected was “Falling Slowly” performed by Kris Allen.  “Falling Slowly” is from the movie “Once” and another tidbit…it also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.  As far as the other contestants…I think they could’ve at least chose songs that haven’t been done on the show before.  “Armageddon” is not the only movie that has a memorable song, but I am glad that we made it through movie week without a song by Celine Dion or Whitney Houston.  Celine and Whitney are great artists, but one can only take oh so many bad renditions of their songs on this show.  It gets old!

As far as the results…(SPOILER ALERT!) the judges chose to save Matt Giraud.  My question is why?  I mean…I feel like the judges were hasty on making this decision because now two contestants have to be eliminated next week and there are no do overs…so if someone who really deserves to stay is in the bottom two next week – there is no way to save them.  I’m not saying that Matt did not deserve a second chance…but I believe Simon was right in saying that he does not have a chance to win.  I mean…Matt does not have immunity…he very well could be on the chopping block next week.

Next week’s theme is Disco.  I hope no one sings “Everlasting Love”.  That song has been done too many times on this show.  This should be very interesting…

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